Something Old, Something New

I’ve worked on most of my WIPs this week, but I’ve also been naughty and cast on a few new things! One of which, believe or not, is finished! The other new item is The Happy Place Baby Blanket. My daughter has so many crocheted and hand sewn blankets, that a new one won’t even make a blip on her radar. But being a knitter and a Momma proud of her craft I want her to have one. Even if the pattern has a very peculiar name!
I’ve been working on getting my Marr Haven Farms BFL spun up. I’ve spun half of it to singles and started plying them. I really need a suggestion. I’ve found that when I ply my spindle gets too full and I have to cut the yarn, skein it, then start again. Is there a way to avoid this? What do other spindlers do? I may not finish spinning all this fiber, and hold off on the second half. As I posted yesterday, I am very excited to start using some of my Moonshine Fiber!

Also on the needles: Roo Two, Anastasia Socks with my A Stash Addict yarn, worked on some hexipuffs for the Beekeepers Quilt (my very long term project), and did some work on my Grad Gift. That, you will be seeing on Friday as well though!! I might have a very full FO Friday post!! So make sure to come back! But for now, go check out other

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