Moving In!

I created a blog on WordPress quite a long time ago.  I have used it for several things, and even have another blog here just for school assignments.  But, I have finally decided to officially move in.  I think it was a bit more intense and involved than my blogger blog, so I was afraid to really make the move.  However, I have had major problems even signing into anything Google, which includes both my Blogspot accounts.  So I’m making the move so I can actually update my blogs!!

I mentioned I have two blogs.   The first is basically a journey of my life here in Germany, and way to share pictures and stories with friends.  Then I decided that I wanted a blog for my knitting and I created a separate one just for that.  Well, I’ve decided that there is no reason I cannot combine my knitting into my life blog.  I mean, it is a big part of my life right?  So why not!  I picked the user name suddenexpression when I created this WordPress account, but I have used it for several things since.  I think this is because I feel like all I do is a suddenexpression of myself.  And I think it just fits me so well.

So what will you see on this blog?  Pictures, and more pictures.  I’m living in Germany for 2 years and trying to travel and enjoy it as much as possible.  You will read some reactions and references to the military because I’m a military wife and I am very proud of that fact.  Which brings me to my next point, I’m also a new wife.  Therefore I am living the adventures of domesticity.  And so far, I am loving the cleaning, the cooking and taking care of my house and hubby.  I have some hobbies that will no doubt dominate many of the other aspects of my life:  scrapbooking, cooking, gardening, and knitting.  Of course I love exploring new hobbies and ideas, especially if they are related to knitting!  I’m sure some spinning and yarn dyeing will make an appearance or two!   Here’s hoping you enjoy reading about me and my many aspects of life!  ENJOY!

*oh and any helpful hints to using WordPress would be welcomed!!*


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