Happy Birthday Schmidmuhlen

The word Fest in Germany is basically another word for beer.  Usually.  There is almost always a fest within 20 minutes of our house every weekend because every little town in here has one during the summer.  When I say the word little, I really mean little.  I live in a town called Schmidmuhlen in Bayern, Germany.  The population of this town according to GeoNames Geographic Base is 2,481.  I think my high school had more people than that!  There have been one or two fest here at the local FestPlatz which included some local food and local entertainment inside a gigantic beer tent.  Yes, that’s right, the town may only have around 2,000 people but I bet there were about 6,000 beers consumed at these fests.

Well Schmidmuhlen had another fest this past weekend.  But this one was different.  Why?  Because it was the 1,000 year birthday for the town.  Yes I live in a town that is older than the country I am from. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCHMIDMUHLEN!  It is still amazes me every time I think about it.   There is a very nostalgic feeling you get when you walk down to the center of town on a cobblestone road and even pass some buildings you swear has been here since the start.

So when there’s a birthday you have to celebrate right?  And that we did!  We walked downtown to the fest and boy was it different.  There were vendors all over the street selling scarves and garden decorations and jewelry and all kinds of other things.  I made a few purchases of course.  Especially since they had, you guessed it!  YARN!!!   I bought some Rellana Flotte Socke in the New York colorway (ironic huh?) for socks for Rob.  He actually picked out the color for once.  Also bought a skein of the same yarn in the Modena colorway.  I went back later that night with a friend and bought more yarn.  I bought 4 skeins of Schoeller Wolle in Claire which I actually couldn’t find in the Ravelry database.  I also bought some jelly at a little vendor.  I should have bought more than I did for gifts at Christmas, but I only bought one jar which Rob picked out.  Rhubarb-Vanilla Jelly.  Rob picked it out since he is the only one in this house who will eat it!

And of course every fest in Bavaria has traditional Bavarian music.  When most people think of Germany, this is the type of stereotype they think of.  However, most places in Germany don’t look like this.  Bavaria on the other hand?  We see people walking around in lederhosen on the regular basis.  And even the horses here are drinking!  There must have been at least 8 places to buy beer on one block!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Schmidmuhlen

  1. Oh lordy, Bavarian fests are really something! I’m still always so surprised to realise how old this country really is. I live in Essen, where we have a golden Madonna statue from the convent of Essen – from the year 980, give or take a few years! It’s over a 1000 years old! It’s mind-boggling really.

  2. I am so jealous of your fests! I love beer and yarn….and I have to admit the guys wearing their lederhosen are just cool.

    Do most of the horses wear crocheted hats? My 6 year olds and I are very curious.

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