You Guys Asked

I got a lot of responses on my Happy Birthday Schmidmuhlen! post.  I’m not going to lie; I was absolutely thrilled and surprised by the responses. Believe it or not I received 44 hits on my blog just yesterday.  I know this may not seem like a lot  to many of you, but on a blog that typically has 2 or 3 hits on a regular basis it’s quite a shock.   I know this WordPress blog is quite new but that was also the typical audience I had on my previous blogs too.  I’m still getting used to this WordPress formatting and I’m still making changes everyday to make the blog a little more like an expression of me.

Anyway, let me get to the point of this post.  In my last post I had a picture with a horse.  Yes a horse drinking beer.  But seeing as most of my readers are knitters and crocheters the thing they noticed most was the little hats that the horses had covering their ears. They did look crocheted and I’m really not sure the purpose of them.  I would’ve asked the owners, but I don’t speak enough German to do so (which I am working on!)  And I was asked if these hats are something common in Germany but I have to say I don’t think so.  I have seen several horses around and this one my first time coming across these hats.  We all know how knitters and crocheters think though, and if I owned a horse I’m sure I would try to figure out what I could knit for the horse!  So since there was a bit of interest I figured I’d post a different picture I had which is much more close up and personal with the horse.  That way you can ogle the hat all you want you obsessed yarn geeks!


3 thoughts on “You Guys Asked

  1. It isn’t just a German thing. I used to ride when I was younger, and my sister still has a horse and he has a thing like this that he wears in summer. It keeps the flies out of their ears and away from their eyes. Some have frilly bits which dangle over the eyes, and others have a very fine net which sort-of forms a bubble over the front of the horse’s upper head/eyes.

    It means the horse has more time for eating grass rather than shaking it’s head and running around and being distressed, which can make them lose weight.

    I’m now wondering what I can knit for my sister’s horse!

  2. That particular one is often used to muffle noise and also to keep flys out. They are held on by the bridle. You normally see them on horses in competitions. We use them all the time where I work

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