People Wonder

I’m surprised at how many of my neighbors and fellow spouses hate living in Germany.  Then when I ask them they say it’s not really the “Germany” part they don’t like.  It’s the fact that there aren’t any big towns, big grocery stores and so on near here.  Well I say to them, look around! Regensburg is at most 40 minutes away, depending on what side of post you are on, and then there is Parsburg and Amberg within 20 minutes which all have great grocery stores, and other big stores depending on what you’re looking for.  I have to say I think this is an excuse.  People don’t want to learn enough of the German language to get by and they are intimidated and afraid to shop on the economy.

Then they wonder why I love it here.  Why?  Why Not!  It’s gorgeous.  It’s small.  It’s nostalgic.  It’s easy-going.  It’s friendly.  And I have so much at my fingertips.  So many places I plan to travel!  So many famous, historic places.  So many castles!  That of course is everywhere in Germany, sometimes a few hours away.  But it’s also right here in my little town of Schmidmuhlen.  This is why I love the town.  My husband and I took a walk, and this is what you see.  Tell me you wouldn’t love being surrounded by this!

7 thoughts on “People Wonder

  1. I love those pictures! I was in Berlin a couple of months ago, and I must say I quite enjoyed it. Hardly any country in Europe has a more dramatic history than Germany, and there’s lots to see. I am from Norway, and the selection of groceries here is very limited contra UK or even Germany, but there are gems, you must simply know where to look 🙂

  2. um…I LOVE LIVING HERE:) ironically for some of the exact reasons others don’t enjoy it so much. and since we aren’t living in the dark ages, we can get just about anything we want with a click:)

  3. I wonder the same thing when we lived there,,we lived in Fulda for 3.5 years and I loved,,and didnt want to go back to the states..but some of my friends couldnt wait,,I miss Germany and would move there in a heart heat..thanks for the pictures they are beautiful…

  4. I absolutely love your pictures, the Bicycle/Flowers are my favorite. My uncle loved Germany when he lived there, and he picked up German fairly quick (helps to marry a German woman)…. I think you feel the same way about Germany that I feel about Black Mountain, North Carolina. It’s only 20-40 minutes away from big city Asheville, but it’s so pretty. I just have to convince the Boyfriend that driving up and down mountains every morning to get to work is worthwhile…

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