Poor Girl

So I feel like a guilty Mom.  Not that I really know what that feels like yet, but I can imagine it feels something like this.  I have two adorable cats that we got as kittens.  Their names are Edgar and Mifflin.  Mifflin after The Office.  If you watch than you don’t need any other explanation.  All the characters work for a company called Dunder Mifflin.  And Edgar is after Edgar Allen Poe.  My husband is a huge fan.

Well, we may have gotten both of them as kittens, but Rob and I sure didn’t want anymore kittens.  So naturally they were getting fixed.  Edgar had his surgery once he was old enough.  The vets here on post were able to get him in right away, he had blood work done, and then his surgery the next day.  He came home a bit groggy, but was fine a day or two later.

Now of course a females surgery is much more invasive.  It took months to finally get her in for surgery.  And before surgery she has to have blood work done.  Needless to say, Mifflin is sick of the vet already.  She had to go in 4 times- once every week for a month.  The first time they tried to do her blood work they couldn’t get enough blood.  Her veins are so tiny!  She also doesn’t like to sit all that still, even if Mommy is trying to soothe her.  So she had to go back.  The next week.  Which means the surgery was post phoned.   They had to sedate her so they could get enough blood to do her tests, and everything was all good! Whats next?  Surgery right?  Or so you would think.  She went in for surgery the next week and the pre-op procedure didn’t go so well.  She wouldn’t go down for the procedure.  So, back home she goes!  AGAIN.  Finally this week she had her surgery, and everything went well.  She sure likes to give the Vet a hard time!

She came home and looked so drunk.  Really, she was on some great drugs.  Which was good, because I sure think she would have been in a lot of pain.  She tried to walk and fell over.  She was swaying back and forth like a drunken fool! She even fell asleep in her water bowl.  And of course, she isn’t allowed to lick her stitches so she has what they call an Elizabethan Collar on when we can’t watch her.  That big radar looking thing!  I hate it, but I really feel so bad for her.  And if you could see the incision on her, you would too!  I almost wonder if I did the right thing.  Sometimes she looks like she’s in so much pain and just doesn’t move.  I know I did what I needed to do, but I can’t help feeling bad.  She is my baby and so precious.  I hate watching her in pain.

One thought on “Poor Girl

  1. 😦 It was so sad having surgery done for my doggies, but I know it’s for the best. You just have to give them lots of love until they’re back feeling like themselves again!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & following, dear! ♥

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