Giving Nature a Helping Hand

Ok, quick post because I have a paper to write for school today.  So I’ve mentioned that I started gardening this year.  Band new to the whole gardening thing, but I’ve been around long enough to figure some things out.  And guess what?  Well, my front garden needs a bit of help!  Of course it would be helpful next year to plant more flowers that are happy with shade, but when you start out is that really what your thinking?  No, you think “this would look good here, hopefully I won’t kill it!”  Well, I didn’t kill anything, but I sure need some sun!  And so do the flowers.  So much so, that many of them have taken on the task of growing sideways to get the sun!  Including the most gorgeous flowers in my garden.  Of course I don’t remember what they are called, because I bought the bulbs at the local drugstore (yes, at the drugstore!  random I know!) and even if I remembered what they are called I’m sure it would be in German.

So here’s what they looked like:

Some of the flowers that have grown like this haven’t bothered me, but for some reason these did.  I think I wanted to be able to just enjoy the full beauty of them. So me using my brain decided that I needed to prop them upright somehow. My first thought was a wooden stake, but I had no idea where I would find one around here.  So, lightbulb!  I walked across the street into the woods, and found a nice thick stick to use.  And it worked wonders.  And the plan was to use some thin safety wire I have because my husband thinks it is like duct tape and fixes anything.  But I thought the safety wire might cut into the sides of the stems.  So what could I use?  Hello!  YARN!  Like I don’t have enough of that around here, right?   So voilà!   My flowers look much happier!   Oh, and if anyone can tell me what these flowers are called, I would be forever grateful!!!

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