Day of FOs

Yesterday was a day of Finished Objects.  Despite some horrible family news, I was able to get some knitting done.  Since I was in such a daze and couldn’t really concentrate or function well, knitting helped.  It was easy, didn’t need any focus and I dare say calmed me.  But that sure doesn’t change the fact that it’s been quite a tough week.  Does anyone else notice that in reality, when it rains, and sure as hell pours?

I finished 4 WIPs yesterday.  Yes, count them.  FOUR.  Two of them are for my dear Sister-in-laws new little preemie.  My SIL was only 26 weeks when she had an emergency C-Section 2 nights ago.  So another surprise I can’t ruin till the presents are received.  I also made my first toy!  Again, a surprise.

Also, quite exciting- I finished my first attempt at 2-at-a-time Toe Up, Magic Loop socks!  Another first- they were made from the sock blank I bought from KnitPicks.  I’m really happy with the way the socks turned out.  They are a bit snug, but that’s all part of the learning process, right?  And nothing a bit a blocking can’t fix.  I really need to remember to take a picture of the whole sock blank, before skeining it.  Here’s the before shot:

And After:

Another finished object?  I finally finished reading The Shop On Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber yesterday.  This is my second time reading the genre I suppose you would call “knitting fiction”.    I really enjoy reading these types of books, and I thought this book was no exception.  The story sure made me think about friendships, and how they can be found in unusual places.  I have several friendship I would have never expected, that grew from a mutual love of knitting.  It’s amazing how this hobby can bring so many people of different ages and personalities together.  As much as I enjoyed this book, I found her writing at times a little too dramatic.  There were times where it was a bit too predictable, and I thought “can we get to the point already”?  But I would suggest it  to others looking for a good knitting read.

5 thoughts on “Day of FOs

  1. 4 FOs! Way to go! And a cute pair of socks! Love the color! Never knit a pair of socks myself, I’m just too intimidated by the toe and the heel. And thanks for the comment on my blog.

    On a different note, I do hope your new niece/nephew and SIL are doing ok. Sending over good vibes.

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