When it rains, it pours.

Last post I mentioned that I had a pretty crappy week.  Reality decided it was time to pour down on me.  I figured I would explain a bit more to you.  First the week started off with a dear friend’s father dying.  It was very sudden and it took her a bit longer than it should have for her husband to get emergency leave.  And there was nothing I could do for her to help.  As much as I will never take for granted Red Cross messages, sometimes you wonder why it takes them 3 hours to get a message to someone fighting in Iraq, but 2 days to get a message to someone safely living on post in Germany.

A day or two after this happened, my Grandfather had a heart attack.  Technically, he’s okay.  But you have to understand my Grandfather.  He has watched his wife die, then his son.  And once someone does that, they are never the same.  He has said for the last ten years at Christmas he has said “this will be my last Christmas”.  It hurts sometimes to see how little hope he has for his own life.  This heart attack was a minor one, but to him, it was more of a major one.  He needs a stint in his heart and he’s not strong enough to get one.  Even if he was, he’s so stubborn I think he would refuse it.  I have hope that he will be okay and stick around for a few more Christmas’s but I think I’d have a lot more hope, if he had some hope too.  It sure is amazing how much someone’s attitude really affects their health when they become elderly. So now, I almost feel like I’m just waiting for that phone call in the middle of the night.

And then the phone call came.  As soon as I heard the phone my heart stopped, and I knew a phone call at 4 am was never good.  Well, little did I know, this was a much worse phone call.  My dear SIL, whom I had mentioned I was knitting for had to have an emergency C-section.  She was 26 weeks along, with twins.  We were expecting Gabriella Catherine and Cynthia Paige to join us in the world in November, maybe a bit earlier.  Well, they made their way into the world on Saturday, August 28th.   I regret to inform you that Gabriella Catherine also said goodbye to the world that same day.  Handling this was probably the toughest thing I’ve had to do in a long time, and I’m still struggling.  But in no way can I even compare how I feel to how my sister-in-law and her family must feel going through this.  My heart continues to hurt for them.

The same day we heard this horrible news, a friend e-mailed me.  Her and I e-mail back and forth continually, and I wasn’t expecting any bad news when I opened her e-mail.  Well, I sure was wrong.  She informed me that her mother had uterine cancer.  This was just so much bad news that I didn’t know how to function.  Luckily, she has a good chance.  She is having a hysterectomy shortly, and they are hopeful that all the cancer is contained to that area.  I suppose this is a bit of good news, on top of all the bad news.

But in all of this, I must stay positive.  As I mentioned in reference to my Grandfather, being negative will get you nowhere.  And posting about this is quite helpful, even though it may seem all very personal.  So far baby Cynthia, Thia for short ( or Cindy Lou Who as her family has given her their first nickname of many to follow) is doing well.  She is 1lb 7oz and such a fighter.  She gets that from her Mamma!  She is on a vent and is being weened off her pain meds, which is great!  Her mother says that she is starting to wiggle around more, her color is getting better and she is even starting to look bigger.  Instead of wallowing on all of last weeks events I am trying to concentrate on baby Thia and I am sending all my positive energy towards her!  And my prayers of course.  I ask you to do the same please!  I mean, how could you not with a baby this cute!!

8 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours.

  1. Sorry to hear about all of your tough news. It does always seem to all come on at once. i’ll be thinking of you and yours. Be sure to take care of yourself, too.

  2. All positive thoughts sent in your direction….

    Hi, BTW. I found you through Ravelry’s blog hub group and added you to my “readammatic” thingamabob. I’m avanta7 on Ravelry, and avantaknits here. Nice to make your acquaintance!

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