An Adventure & An Update

*Update* on baby Thia!  She is doing well right now.  Seems like a very strong girl!  Her blood gases have been really good. If the next one is good also, they will try taking her off the vent completely! They also are going to try to take out the last line in her belly button, and once that’s out, she can start her feeds!  I’m so glad she seems to be doing well, and I think all the prayers are helping so keep them coming!!

My husband finally had a long weekend and I didn’t want to waste it sitting in our house.  I also wanted to do something to enjoy the last bit of summer that we have (if you can call 50-60 degree weather summer.  My husband actually had to clean frost off the car when he went to work today).  So we ventured to the Munich Zoo with some neighbors.  And quite an adventure it was!  We were on our way, only about 20 minutes away from home just to find out that the autobahn entrance we needed to get on was closed due to construction.  I actually think Bavarians love their construction more than Americans sometimes!  Anyway, we didn’t exactly know our way to the next entrance, which is not nearly as easy to find as it would be in Rochester (NY.  My hometown) where there is an entrance every 4 miles practically.  Our GPS was basically useless, and wouldn’t redirect us around the on-ramp it wanted us to take.  So after alot of screwing around with the GPS and driving around, we finally found a new ramp!  And then, it took us off the autobahn.  Now when going to a major city like that, we should have stayed on the whole time.  Once we were on a dirt road, also blocked by construction I played with the GPS again.  The lovely GPS was sending us on the “short” route, not the “fastest” route.  Now I think Navigon could have come up with a better way of describing the different routes than short and fast.  I mean really?  So many people interchange those two.  Now I understand that “shortest” refers to the distance being drove and “fastest” refers to amount of time, but apparently my better half doesn’t always notice.  I still love him though!  We finally got to the Zoo at 11:30 am, when we should have gotten there around 10am.   No worries though, I got  alot of knitting done in the car and we still had a great time at the zoo!  We saw two polar bears playing in the water with each other, some monkeys running, hanging and swinging everywhere, and a baby baboon sitting with his gigantic father eating apples!  Thought I would share some of the sights!

3 thoughts on “An Adventure & An Update

  1. Oh my goodness the pictures are fabulous!!!! Sounds like a fun day, and I’m glad that you and the hubby got to spend some time together!!! I’m so glad to hear that Thia is doing better, I’ll keep her in my prayers!!! 🙂

  2. I read baboon as raccoon and was trying to figure out how large that father could be! Then I saw the pictures and scrolled back up to reread, plus the fact why would there be raccoons in the zoo…I’m tired, glad you had a great time, eventually…

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