“That’s What She Said”

I’m shifting gears a bit here.  Yet oddly enough, knitting actually is involved.  Really just wanted to promote my our favorite TV show.  The Office.  I mean, we did name our cat after the company all the characters work for.  Season 6 of The Office came out on Tuesday, September 7th.  And it just gets better and better!  My husband and I had been plugging away at the episodes after he gets home from work everyday, and finished the season last night.  I must admit though, we of course had watched every episode of the season through a combination of episodes on AFN, iTunes and online.  But there is just something so much better about watching a TV show on DVD, straight through the season.  And Steve Carell just makes Micheal funnier and funnier as the seasons progress.  I also love to watch the relationship between Pam & Jim evolve and am wondering what will happen in Season 7 now that they are married and have a baby.  (OK, I know that may have been a bit of a spoiler to anyone who hasn’t seen Season 6, but if you saw the season finale of Season 5 then you should have guessed as much!) And Dwight, well I don’t know what to say about Dwight.  Bears.  Beets.  Battlestar Galactica.   It’s also rumored that Holly is coming back in Season 7 and I will be thrilled if that is true!  Her and Micheal are just too damn funny together, even if it is just because they are both kind of major dorks.

I am however hesitant to see the 7th season come, and I sure won’t want to see it go.  Because Steve Carell will be going with it.  He has not, and does not plan to renew his contract.  Carell told E! “I just thought it was time for my character to go.”  But I really don’t want to see him leave!  I just don’t know if the show will be the same without him!!  I do however have a prediction I’m going to share.  Really just for validation reasons when the show actually ends up happening this way.  Then I can prove that I predicted it!  I think Holly and Micheal are going to get back together, get engaged, and Holly’s going to be transferred once again.  Micheal will then decide that his ongoing love for Holly will never disappear and that she is worth much more than his job.  He will step down, and move with Holly.  This also gives the opportunity for future guest appearances!  And I think I would be ok with seeing him go that way.  But I guess we will see.  I just hope the writers and actors can keep the same entertainment factor that Steve Carell so much provided for the show.

Onto my knitting aspect.  I showed you my Two-At-A-Time Toe-Up Magic-Loop socks already.  My hubby and I were of course watching The Office when I did my photo shoot.  Well, the first picture I took, I hadn’t realized that the TV was in the view of the shot.  And I don’t mean off in the distance, but like, RIGHT behind my feet.  When reviewing my pictures I noticed what was in the actual shot, and it was Andy.  Let’s just say, I think Andy and I had a moment.

I guess Andy isn't quite sure what to think of my socks.


4 thoughts on ““That’s What She Said”

  1. oh that is FUNNNNNNY! thanks for the laugh! i’m in the middle of more head banging and needed a 5 minute Break! i LOVE that picture at the end:) we are not done with the season yet, and each show is still new to us! we are taking our time so we can Savor it, lame-o right? But we love the show so much and it provides a great deal of laughter!! You should see the comment my sister left on my Day One entry!! 🙂 That made me laugh a ton this morning! Thanks for the laughs and now I gotta go learn me some stuff bout bonds and stuff umkay?

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