Today is 9/11

Today is 9/11.  9 Years since terrorists attacked our country.   And hearing those numbers will always make me think of the devastating events that greatly impacted our country in the most intense and shocking way on September 11, 2001.  My heart still breaks for all the lives lost in the wold trade center, the pentagon, and the flight that went down in Pennsylvania.  I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news.  I was in the cafeteria in my HS, when I heard the first plane hit, but I must say I didn’t understand the severity of this incident.  Shortly after I was in my grade level office, and I heard on the radio what was really going on.  Then I walked up to my math class, where the TV was on.  In the next instant we all saw the 2nd plane hit.  We kept watching till we saw the first tower fall, and that’s when my teacher decided it was time to turn off the tv and continue on with lessons as normal.  I hated her in that moment for that decision, but I can understand her intent.  She didn’t want us focusing on something we could do anything about.  I always think about this day, and all the emotions I had when I hear the words World Trade Center, Twin Towers, 9/11, September 11th, and even when I see the darn clock on 9:11.  And that will never change, till the day I die.  I will never forget, and I hope you don’t either.  There is one song that is a favorite of mine by Darryl Worley because of the meaning in the lyrics.  So many men and women have gone to war as a result of this day.  When remembering 9/11, it’s important to also honor all the soldiers who have fought for our country and lost their lives to protect our country in the aftermath.  They are still out there fighting for us.  Where were you on that day, and what do you do to remember?


2 thoughts on “Today is 9/11

  1. I was teaching and we heard about it, but didn’t realize the extent until we all huddled around a tv in a kindergarten classroom at lunch…It is a great song…and thank your husband for being one of those to stand up and protect our country….

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