30 Day Challenge

I’ve started my 30-Day Challenge.  I don’t know why it took me so long to do so again.  I did this before my wedding and lost 15 lbs.  Pretty fast too.  What is the 30-Day Challenge you ask?  Well it’s part of a video game.  5 Years ago the concept of losing weight with a video game would have been crazy!  But after the release of the Wii things sure have changed.  Most people have the Wii Fit (including me!) but that’s not at all what I’m referring to.  I’m talking about the Wii EA Sports Active.  I am truthfully very surprised this game has not had more time in the media as many of them have.  Because it works.  Really well, as long as you stick with it.  I start the challenge on Tuesday the 14th, and my goal is to lose 10 lbs in 2 months.  Now this may seem like a low goal, but I’m sick of making goals and not reaching them.  With such an easy goal there is absolutely no reason for me not to reach it, right?  And I’m well on my way.  Day 5.  Already getting easier.  And I also went to Cardio Kickboxing with some friends, and that sure as hell kicked my ass.

About the game.  Why does it work?  First of all, let me explain what you get when you buy this game.  Not just a disc!  You also get an adjustable resistance band to use, and a strap that goes around your leg.  This strap is to place the nun-chuck in, and the game can then monitor your upper and lower body movement.  It knows when you aren’t working, and tells you!  It gives you a routine, and heads straight through the routine.  No choosing new exercises in between.  It doesn’t let you rest, and that resting period doesn’t allow you to lose as many calories as successfully.  You do several of the same exercises several times, but short periods of time.  This means there is less muscle memory, and you don’t get too tired too fast of one exercise.   Everyday it changes your routine too!  One day legs, another arms, and the next combine.  And the routines get changed up too!  I’m loving it so far, and it’s already getting easier.  And by blogging, I have more of a motivation to stay with it!!!

2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. Ok you are guilting me aren’t you?!?! I have not run all week cuz I felt like crap. Fine I’ll go get my junk on and head out instead of sitting here surfing. And maybe I’ll even do The Shred when I’m done today. I really would like to lose several more inches. I quit weighing because of the whole muscle vs fat weight issue. I weigh more than I look like and it makes it too depressing to just look at that number. I’m solidly in 8’s but would like to return to the land of 6’s and the occasional 4.

  2. i have this disc and the first time i used it, it kicked my ass! and i was going to the gym fairly regularly! maybe i’ll pop it back in and see if i can stick with it for 30 days:) or longer:) good luck girl! 🙂

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