Blog Swap-Day 2

So after saying goodbye to my husband today for two weeks, I decided it was time to open another package!  I actually choose 3 little individually wrapped ones.  Two were taped together so I knew they went, and Tammy G said that more were taped to the original one I opened.  Now that I thought about this, there were 7 cards in the box.  So it makes sense.  A few just fell apart in shipping.  There’s actually a lot to these cute little things, so maybe I should just let the pictures do the talking.

I love tags to put inside my knitting, so those were just perfect!  I even put some in my box to my swap partner because I think they are all so darn cute, and useful!  Then that big circle thing is also pretty damn cool.  I know there was a bit of a glare on the picture but it is called a 3in1 Knitting and Crochet Tool. It is a gauge check, a needle and hook check and it even gives you yarn and gauge recommendations!  Never seen anything like that before!  And the mini-lunch box tin is so freaking cute.  I’m obsessed with owls.  This is actually a recent obsession.  Ever since I moved out of my parents house.  And you can blame it on my Father.  He has collected owls my whole life and just recently I’ve become interested too.   And lately there have been so many cool patterns with owls on the market for scrapbooking, bags, and as you see little tins.  Stuff like that.  Well, that darn tin is perfect for my knitting odds and ends when I travel that it would have been just perfect.  But lo and behold, it’s full of presents too!!!!  List time: tape measure, funky pencil sharpener/eraser, 2 row counters (which not only do I need, but my cats will love!), point protectors, mini-markers, and more giraffe themed stationary!   Tammy G, I think you are a swapping goddess!


7 thoughts on “Blog Swap-Day 2

  1. Nope not a goddess – thank you, but LOVE to swap and knew you were having a rough patch and also LOVE to shop, whether for me or others…maybe I should forgo teaching and become a personal shopper???? Glad you are liking everything. I have one of those 3-1 and it was one of the first things I picked up, as I wasn’t sure they’d have them there…

  2. Oh and the lunch tin was the LAST thing I bought. You had commented on someone’s blog about something Paperchase (a British company I LOVE – the little girls with the umbrella) Borders carries some of their things, so I went back and found the lunchbox!

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