Blog Swap-Day 3

Tammy G is a clever girl.  I seriously wonder if she tapped into my head or something!  As far as I understand though, she was even stalking my comments on other blogs!  Sneaky, sneaky!  Today’s gift was pleasantly small and squishy!  The card read “I received one in a swap, and I take it with me when I yarn shop!”

What is it you may ask?  It’s a shopping bag!  I already have some of these and I think they have been missing for almost a year now!  So this is pretty much perfect.  Especially with my family coming to visit, we will be doing a lot of travelling, and …….you guessed it……. SHOPPING!!!   It even clips onto your key-chain! How cool!  And guess what else?  I used it already!  I went to the Netto this morning, which is my local grocery store.  Now in Germany, you really are supposed to bring your own bag.  They have shopping bags available, but you have to pay.  I had fun stuffing this bag full of groceries!

It’s also Wednesday.  Also know as Hump Day.  Also known as WIP Wednesday.  Well sorry folks, but I don’t have anything new to share.  Haven’t casted anything else on, and really haven’t made much progress on anything either.  Except me Citron.  The goal was to finish before my family gets here.  I am on row 18 out of 20 on the last sequence and then I have 12 rows of the ruffled edging to knit.  So, I suppose it depends on how much time I have to knit, and what time they actually arrive at my apartment tomorrow.  I’m so excited for them to get here!  Only ONE MORE DAY!!!


3 thoughts on “Blog Swap-Day 3

  1. Yeah for family! I use my bag all the time, last used on Sunday when I went to the Fiber Twist, but had to dump the contents from when I used it at the Goshen Fair!

  2. I love cute little re-usable bags…much better than the standard issue…okay, backtracking, not that I actually HAVE any of the cute ones, but I keep meaning to get/make some. That has to count for something, right?

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