A Pattern I Seek – Day 4

So today I decided to open the big rectangular parcel.  I thought maybe, just maybe, it might be a pattern.Well, I was right!  Kind of.  It was THREE patterns!  Inside a pretty folder! The card for today read “If it is a pattern you seek, there are 3 inside so take a peek!”  I seriously am loving these little cards almost as much as the presents!  They are so fun. I open and boy I am a happy girl.  The folder is one I would have bought for myself.  So cute, and inspirational!

The patterns included inside the folder are Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat & Mittens, Jasmine Lace Fingerless Mitts, and Swirl Hat.  All great options to use the Mini Mochi I got!  I’m thinking about attempting the Fair Isle Hat with a skein of the Mini Mochi and a skein of black Stroll I have from Knit Picks.  They are the same weight, and I’m thinking it would work, and would look really, really cool!  It would however be my first attempt at fair isle, and I’m wondering if I should start simpler.  I could also try it using both skeins and starting in a different place colorwise.  But the pattern says to use 2 different colors.  Has anyone tried making this?  Also thought about the possibility of socks, combining the black with the Mini Mochi Rainbow. Something like this.  OR this cool Entrelac Scarf.  Either way, I suppose I would be learning something new, that I’ve never done before no matter what route I go.  Any suggestions?  The Swirl Hat was in my queue and I do think that too would look cute, but I think I might want to challenge myself a bit more with this yarn.  And I love the Jasmine Lace Fingerless gloves, but I am picturing them in a solid color.  And I think I might have just the yarn in mind for that.  And I NEED some fingerless gloves!  It’s getting to be that time of year where my fingers freeze if I’m typing or knitting.  Thanks again Tammy G!  Do you have any suggestions?


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