Travel Travel!- Day 5

Family, Family!   They’re here finally!  After a long day of waiting, a delayed plane, and a bit of getting lost getting to my house, my family arrived around 8 pm last night!  I was originally expecting them around 2 pm, so this was a bit of a surprise.  And a Looooonnngggg day of waiting, waiting.  Today we walked around town.  Tomorrow we are going to the community bazzar on post, and after that….Dresden!  So the Traveling, traveling will start shortly!  I’m so excited!!

Onto the blog hub swap.  Well Tammy must have ESP or something.  I opened the package I choose for the day.  And the card read “Hope ya can use these, to scrapbook as you please”.  So of course I expected scrapbooking supplies.  But they were just perfect!  Lots of stickers for traveling, plus some army stuff, owls and kittys.  But she had some specifically for Munich!  I will be there in just a few days!  Can’t wait to put all these great embellishments to use!

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