Blog Swap End

So since I’ve been on a hiatus for a few days, I thought I would finish up the blog swap.  I had a wonderful partner, Tammy G.  She must have known me well in a past life or something because she pegged me spot on.  Here’s Day 6, Day 7 and Day 8.  Yes Day 8!  We were only supposed to do 7 parcels for 7 days but Tammy G just felt like spoiling me.

Day 6

The chocolate was amazing!  And gone very fast.  I’ve had a very stressful weekend, so the chocolate helped to provide some wonderful endorphins to my body, and put me in just a little better mood.  At least for a few minutes.  And the button is gorgeous and quirky and matches the mini mochi great!  Lots of cute stuff in this package, but the best?  I think probably my very favorite of the whole swap, was the handmade crochet owl.  Which I assume Tammy made herself?  If this was my only present in the whole swap and the rest was sawdust, I would still be a happy girl!  I love this Tammy, thank you for putting the time and effort in to make something so meaningful to me.  (well, I assume you made it anyway!)

Day 7

More giraffes!!  And I love them all!  The toy is so cute! And the buttons are amazing!  Wood and handmade!  I will save these for a little sweater to make once I have my own child.  They are too special to use for someone else!  😉  The earrings will have to wait till I can poke them back through my ears.  I will wear them I promise, I just have to take some studs and pop them back through my ears first.  They are absolutely adorable.

Day 8

Another favorite of the swap.  This is a journal, completely made out of recycled paper and materials.  And it folds all the way out to use it.  It is very, very cute and I have no idea what to use it for!  I think I might use if for a travel journal or something.  I just want it for something that I will keep around for a long time, because I love it so much.  Thanks to my dad and his stupid love of owls.  I love everything!

Thanks again to Eskimimi for hosting this swap.  It provided me with alot of fun, and more smiles than I would have originally expected.  I look forward to another one sometime in the future! Now go check out Tammy G‘s blog and what she’s getting in her swap!!

5 thoughts on “Blog Swap End

  1. Yes, I made the owl. I also made the earrings, they were last minute, as I just happened on the giraffe beads and I made the stitch markers…

    My Hubs bought you the little wooden giraffe, as I had bought the little glass one at the ballon festival.. I’m glad you liked everything and also that you are having a wonderful family visit. You needed it….

    • So glad to know! I thought you made the owl and the stitch markers. I have to say I can’t believe you made those earrings! You are so talented!!! I had no idea they were handmade! I love all the giraffe stuff (and was curious what your husband had picked out!) You did such a great job shopping for me! Better than I could have done for myself, I swear! I love EVERYTHING! Thank You Again!

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