WIP Wednesday (2)

The good thing about traveling all over Germany with my family?  And not knowing how to drive a manual?  Knitting time! And alot of it!  Thanks to Tami for hosting the WIPW meme!

I have made a bit more progress on  the He Keeps Asking For More socks.  Most of the knitting I’ve done on these socks has been all in the car.  I think I may have worked on them for hour outside the car.  Sometimes I wish I knit socks as fast as some people.  I get so envious of people who can work a full time job, take care of kids, knit on other projects AND finish a pair of socks in a week.  It takes me at least a month for a pair of socks.  And that’s if I’m quick.

Just started a new project last night.  I have noticed my hands starting to get really cold now.  It’s just that time of year here.  So people say they feel Autumn creeping around the corner.  Well here in Germany Fall not only made its appearance it has made itself at home, till Winter decides to creep on in.  Which probably won’t be long.  Our weather has been wet, cold and rainy.  And I’m not talking 60s-70s cold, I’m talking highs in the 50s lows in the 30s.  It won’t be long till we are below freezing at night (and we had our first frost almost a month ago).  So at night my hands get cold typing on the computer, or knitting.  I decided I needed handwarmers.  And soon.  So I cast on for Green Cabled Arm Warmers with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in their Medium Weight Fire On the Mountain Colorway.  I don’t plan to make the arms as long as the pattern suggests, but I still think the pattern will work well for this yarn.  I actually cast this yarn on as socks with a basic made-up rib pattern once, but my cat decided to chew up the needles.  By the time I finally got new needles and finally had time to work on them again I forgot what pattern I had been working in, and really didn’t feel the need for the socks anymore.  I’m excited to have found a new use for this yarn, since the color is just so gorgeous!

Now onto the Citron.  WIP right?  And I wanted to have it done BEFORE my family got here right?  Well, I didn’t get it done.  But I DID get it done  while we were in Dresden.  I finished it!!  So it actually doesn’t really fit in this post!  But I’m going to be busy, and might not be able to post for Finished Object Friday.  But the Citron is an FO!  I’m so proud, my first bit of lace knitting is done and I enjoyed knitting it very much.  But I must say, I’m not too sure about wearing it.  Which I said in the beginning though, and I’m a process knitter anyway.  I enjoy doing it, what happens with the FO is not always a concern.  I’ll figure something out.  I’m really happy with the way it looks though, and the color of course.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, and I still need to block it.  Any suggestions for which blocking technique works best for the Citron?  I’d love some!  Hopefully I will be able to blog soon about our visit to Dresden so keep checking back!

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday (2)

  1. Your projects are beautiful! Crazy to hear of the cold weather where you are when I’m sweating up a storm here! LOL Thanks for participating in WIPW. Glad it worked this time!

  2. Beautiful work! I just taught my self to Knit yesterday. I have to say that I like crocheting better but I love the effect that knitting gives. Knitting is a lot harder than I thought it would be too, I have a couple of holes in a scarf that I am knitting where I must of lost a couple of stitches or something.. I took it apart 3 times so I am just going to keep going with it and have this as a practice scarf. =)

  3. I can relate to the socks-that-take-a-month knitting! Maybe I should learn a new technique for knitting because I just can’t do it quickly enough! The ladies at my LYS will say things like “this is an overnight project” but it takes me at least two days. Or a pattern that says “guaranteed you will knit this is 30 mins. or you are doing something wrong” and it takes me 1 hour.

    LOVE the Fire On the Mountain colorway! Might have to get me some of that. What is the texture/feel like?

  4. Love the citron! For any shawls with a straight side I like to block by using a long piece of scrap yarn and running it along the edge with your blunt needle, and then pinning the scrap yarn so its taut. And then pin the edges out normally. For your citron I would recommend not stretching it too much or you will loose some of the ruffleness.

  5. Socks take me forever as well. We’ve had autumn here essentially since July and my hands are freezing typing this, great idea to knit handwarmers, they’re looking good. I like your Citron – I knit one and it nearly finished me off, I don’t know where I’ll wear it either but it took so much effort I’m determined to wear it somewhere!

  6. i did what deedledu said for the citron, and i left the rest to hang…i didn’t want to lose the ruffle. i also just soaked it and then blotted before i pinned the straight edge. i can’t wait to see it in person:) the fire on the mountain looks really cooooool:) how’d the jaywalker go?

  7. I’m a super slow knitter too. It’s not like I can’t knit fast, but when I’m knitting I sort of automatically knit slowly and I’ve to remind myself to knit fast. Congrats on finishing your Citron! And I agree with all the other comments, the Fire on the mountain is beautiful!

  8. I love the yarn on both your WIP’s. Your Citron is very pretty.

    I wish I could send you some of our heat, that’s if you could send some of those cooler temps.

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