Dresden, Germany

I thought I would share some of my travels with my family while I’m staying home.  If I don’t I will have too much to share when they leave!  And you will never see it all.  I’ve been staying home for the past few days while they travel.  The first day I just needed a break.  You get so used to being by yourself, or just me and the hubs at night, so it can get a bit overwhelming at times to have four other people here.  Then I stayed home yesterday because I didn’t feel good, and I have a great deal of school work to get done before Monday.  I’m staying home again with that schoolwork in mind, and hoping to get it done so I can go to Passau on Friday, and Munich from Saturday till Monday.

Last weekend we went to Dresden.  Dresden has a history as the home of Electors and Kings of Saxony.  The biggest draw and purpose of our trip was the Historical Grunes Gewolbe, or the Green Vault.  This was the actual palace of Alexander the Strong, with most of his riches still in tact.  Many of them were actually burnt and destroyed or partial destroyed during the war when the palace was set on fire.  And more than half of the silver treasures were melted down after the war.  But there are still so many left and they have tried to restore the palace to be as accurate to the original as possible.  It was a very interesting tour through the palace and I highly suggest it to any history buffs in the area.  I’d also like to share other pictures of the amazing old architecture of the town.

The Palace of Alexander the Strong

Statue in town. Notice the renovated apartments behind it, and Communist Era apartments which haven't been redone.


2 thoughts on “Dresden, Germany

  1. So pretty!!!! Good for you for realizing that you need to stay home to get things done. I’m so bad at that. I know what it’s like to get used to being by yourself and then having all those people around can be overwhelming. I hope you get everything done and feel better! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I just love all the ones that you post from there, it’s beautiful! So different from the states!!!!

  2. I didn’t know about him,Alexandar, interesting…and yeah when my dad was sick I spent 2 weeks surrounded by relatives in Corpus Christi…when I got home my mom was up from Florida and wanted to know if I wanted to spend the day with her and some aunts and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…I’m alone alot too or just with the Hubs and sometimes, even he is too much! Now spending the days with 30 10 year olds, I really need some downtime…

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