Something About the Language

……Makes me love it here.  Maybe it’s because I studied German for more than 4 years.  Maybe it’s because I barely remember a lick of it.  And maybe it’s just the fact that I love living in a foreign country in general.  As I’ve mentioned my family is here (only Mom and Aunt left after this past Monday) and we stayed in a hotel for the second time during our traveling.  We went to Munich this past week (and NO I did not personally make it to the Octoberfest because I was stuck in the hotel working on my darn Powerpoint for my annoying, annoying class!) and I watched some German TV.  Actually I watched a lot for not really understanding the language.  I watched The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, How I Met Your Mother, Ugly Betty & Scrubs all in German.  I also saw pieces of The Pacifier and The Dark Knight.  The voices in The Dark Knight were actually pretty convincing whereas most the others, especially The Pacifier were pretty hilarious and far off from the originals.  Vin Deseal had a pretty high pitched voice and I really couldn’t keep it on the channel for more than 5 minutes because I couldn’t stop laughing!  Anyway, they also have a lot of cute and funny commercials.  Watching German TV was worth it just for commercials!   Here’s one of my favorites:

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