WIPW- I can’t count

There were 2 WIPW #2’s apparently.  Well, that means this really is number 4.  I’ve made decent progress on my Skyp Socks.  Only about 1 inch to go before I start the heel.  Maybe they will actually get done by Christmas at this rate!  And my fingerless gloves have made some progress but not as much as I would prefer.  This is purely because of my printer.  I can’t exactly walk around and travel in the car with laptop displaying my pattern now can I?  Well I tried to print the pattern but the printer I have inherited apparently doesn’t allow itself to run out of ink.  It decides it will not print anymore when the ink gets low, and our lovely PX *sarcasm noted* here on post does not carry the number I need.  They carry the brand, just not the number, of course!  So I am left to order it online.  Therefore not much progress on my fun fingerless gloves!   But I started a new pattern today!  Well, a new project, not really a pattern just an easy stitch.  I can’t really talk about it too much because it’s a Christmas present for my husband!  And of course he never reads the blog, but with my luck this is when he would start. First knitting present for him!  Everything else he’s seen through the whole process, from start to finish!  So here’s just a little sneak peek.


4 thoughts on “WIPW- I can’t count

    • Oh trust me I love having a printer and appreciate it so much! Just never heard of a printer that does that is all! I swear I’m not complaining! (if thats possible! lol)

  1. Aren’t printers so frustrating?

    If I need to travel with a pattern, I use my iPhone. If it’s on the web, I just load the site up, or if it’s in PDF form, I have an app that can read it! That way I don’t have to worry about printing it out (because my printers always seem to be broken).

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