Must Catch Up

I still have Passau and Munich to share with all of you!  But I’ve had a lot going on lately.  My husband went home a few weeks ago because a family situation.  He really just needed to be grieving with his family.  My Grandmother and family friend left Germany on Monday, my husband returned on Tuesday.  My Mother and Aunt also left for Prague on Tuesday and I was too excited for the arrival of my husband to join them.   They were there for three days and that was three days longer than I wanted to wait to see my husband again.  So I decided to stay home to pick him up from the airport and spend some well needed along time with him.  Although 2 weeks isn’t much compared to a deployment, we still missed each other dearly.

It turned out this was a good choice.  I wouldn’t have been very well off heading to a hospital in Prague.  Good thing I was home.  Rob was back in Germany to work for two days when he received a call from his platoon sergeant telling him I was in the hospital.  Luckily he received the call when he was temporarily grounded (my husband flies in helicopters).  A few minutes earlier or later and he wouldn’t have been able to reach Rob.

I was in the hospital with yet another kidney stone.  And boy was I in pain when my friend had to drive me in.  Ugh, I hate hospitals, but the one great benefit of them is that they have great drugs!  They had an IV in me and were shooting me up with painkillers before they even put me in a room or asked my name!    The German’s do not waste any time.  It makes me think that they don’t have many people here abusing the system and trying to get pain killers.  I had 3 or 4 more bouts of really bad pain again that night.  One was really bad though, I was already on an IV drip with pain killers and had a pain pill in my system, so it sure was bad if I was feeling that much pain on those.  So they gave me something….um, interesting.  Lets just say I couldn’t see my fingers anymore, or anything I brought close to my face.  The next morning they did an X-ray nice and early, saw that my kidney stone was gone, and let me go!  BUT I’ve pretty much been dealing with some withdrawal symptoms  since about 12 hours after I got home.  I’m pretty exhausted still, and my stomachs been acting really funny on me.  So needless to say, I haven’t gotten around to blogging.  And  I’m behind on school work.  And I still don’t really feel like doing very much.  So  I’ll be watching some movies till I feel better.  Update you guys on my travels when I feel better!


3 thoughts on “Must Catch Up

  1. You poor thing! What a go of it you and your family have had in the past few weeks! I hope that you start feeling back to normal as soon as possible.

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