WIPW- And More!

I’ve been in a blogging funk lately.  I haven’t been blogging very often, and my last post was, well, boring.  I think, anyway.  I’ve had so much to blog about, but no idea where to start.  Well today’s WIPW so I’m starting there.  Thanks to Tami once again for hosting!  If you want to check out more WIPW posts go check out her blog for a whole listing of them!  I’m been working like a mad woman on my Hands Over the Fire gloves. (oh and a reference to my KnitPicks needle breaking last week, which is why I started the glove over; they have already sent me a replacement needle. Thanks KnitPicks!!!) I love working on these for 3 reasons: 1. because the pattern is fun, but not too complicated.  So it keeps me on my toes, but I can still watch tv while knitting them.  2.  because I am loving the colors, and want to continue watching how they will change.  3.  because I want to wear them!  It’s getting cold!  Ok, maybe 4 reasons………#4 all my other WIP are annoying me!  Shouldn’t that be an obvious sign that I need to cast on something new?

I’m hoping to get this glove finished today, or soon?  Let’s just say by Friday.  Hopefully.  And I’m starting the second one right away, no second glove syndrome here!   I need to cast on my second Jaywalker too, and maybe I can fly through that one like I did the first.  The reason for waiting on that one (No SSS there, I swear!!) was because I know Jaywalkers are known for being a bit too tight, but it wasn’t for me.  I’m knitting them for my Grandmother, and she was here!  I waited till she was coming, so she could try the first one on.  I didn’t want to knit to, just to frog two.  So I’ll be starting that soon!  So this one will have a match, and my Grandma will have a Christmas present!

I have a few ideas of new things to be casting on as well.  As you know from the past I also have TONS I want to do for Christmas, but I also have to say I’m becoming a bit selfish.  I have always been a process knitting, I love knitting even though it is for other people 90% of the time!  Well, I guess I’m getting jealous of the people I’m giving stuff to.  It’s about time to do something for myself!  And I have some projects in mind – all using my new yarn!  Did I mention I won a giveaway?  Oh I didn’t?  Oops…..must’ve slipped my mind!  I read the blog Knitting with Olof on a regular basis, and you should too!  She is currently knitting her way through the book Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson which is so exciting!  And some of her sponsors give her yarn for giveaways, which is awesome for her publicity and theirs!  Well I won the giveaway for 4 skeins of any Brown Sheep yarn.  Seriously, I got to pick any 4 skeins out of all of their lines!  And I got them in the mail two days ago.  They’ve been hanging in a project bag on my chair since then.

As you can tell from the picture though, all 4 skeins didn’t stay in that bag.   I went to a friends for maybe a whole half hour yesterday and when I came back one skein was on the floor and pulled apart from my cat.  Edgar is a bad boy, BUT he didn’t chew any of it, he just tried to pull it out of the skein so it is still in good shape.  I am however trying to figure out what kind of circus character he is.  He pulled out one skein while the bag was hanging in the chair and the bag was completely in tact!  If  it had been upstairs somewhere and not in the doorway when I came in I wouldn’t of known he even did it!  He also had an incident with my Citron to the other day too!  It was on the ground by his water bowl, but no pulls or chews in it!  Thank God! ( I will be posting about that shortly since it’s finished, but my husband took the camera that has the pictures on it to work today!)

More about the Brown Sheep though.  I got Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Prairie Fire.  I’m planning to make a cowl with it, so it will match my red ski jacket.  Which cowl I’m not quite so sure about.  The Legacy Lace is the color Blue Aura and I’m also thinking about making a cowl.  Possibly the Owl Wood Cowl by Ashley Knowlton, since it is just gorgeous.  But maybe not since I’m thinking it might be a present for someone I have in mind.    I have two others in mind also.  The Lamb’s Pride Worsted is in the color Sandy Heather which I just adore!  I will be making the Give A Hoot mittens by Jocelyn Tunney with that.  That’s a positive since I’ve wanted to make these for a long time!!  If I have enough I also might make a hat to match.  Or another pair for someone else.  Can you tell I love owls?  (in case you didn’t know already!)


14 thoughts on “WIPW- And More!

  1. Isn’t it great when you win giveaways? I always forget if I’ve entered anything so it’s a lovely surprise when I hear back that I won! And I’m also feeling the need to craft something for myself at the moment. I think it’s a reaction to all the Christmas things I’m doing!

  2. I wish I knew how to knit!!! Everything you make is soooo adorable! I love the socks and the gloves!!!! The color of the yarn in the first pic is really pretty, I love the pattern! 🙂

  3. Whoa, I love that yarn! I didn’t see you mention it, so what yarn is it???

    I just made my first order to Knitpicks and I hear their customer service is amazing! Great to hear they replaced your knitting needles!

    Congrats on the win! That’s awesome yarn. I can’t believe you got to pick it out yourself!

  4. Love the yarn your using on the gloves. Now to finish that second sock by Christmas.

    I agree when all the projects are in time out, time to start something new.

  5. I love the colors on the glove. Yay for giveaways! Not that I’ve won any, for that matter, not that I’ve entered into many! Hmm.. off to look for some. The Owl Wood Cowl looks real pretty.

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