It’s About Time

….For another travel post!  My family was here and I did a lot with them, although not everything I would have liked.  I already posted about our visit to Dresden, Germany.  Next on the list is Passau, Germany.  Let me just start by saying I think this was the most beautiful place we went.  The town is known as “The City of Three Rivers”, where the Danube, Inn and Ilz Rivers meet.  Just by reading that I’m sure there’s a big “Aaahhh” to why this was the most beautiful place we visited (or there should be!), and probably one of the most beautiful places in the whole country.  But I should emphasize the one of though since pretty much all of Germany is gorgeous!

Our visit was great, would have been better though if it was warmer.  However, I think this could be said for the whole of my families visit.  Also, I don’t even think I should mention the time they had trying to park in a German parking garage, and a mighty tight one might I add.  I think the only thing that can park well in that parking garage would have been a matchbox car.

First thing we did was head on a river cruise so we could see all the landscape and the beautiful city from the outside.  It was short and sweet, only a half-hour cruise, but I did get some tea with Rum.  Yum yum, nothings better on a cold, damp day.  We walked around the shops, found a LYS and got a little something.  No I didn’t break my “no buying yarn till 2011 promise” because my Aunt Karen, a dear family friend, bought it for me as a thank you gift.    And I love yarn no matter how I get it 😀  We also went to St. Stephen’s cathedral, which was quite a site for me.  This was the first cathedral of the trip, for me.  And actually the 1st one I had ever had the pleasure of entering, in Germany.  Let me say that entering a cathedral built in 1688 is quite an overwhelming feeling.  Just gorgeous and full of faith and history. We also went to a The Glass Museum also, but I must admit that I wouldn’t have done that if I wasn’t with family.  And it was a bit boring, and long.  Emphasis on long.  I swear the most interesting part was the maze we went through to see it, and it was never ending, in a very old hotel.  It’s interesting how much character the old buildings and their architecture have.  Now I will leave you with some of those beautiful sights I was telling you about!

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