It’s Not Friday Anymore

I know, I know.  I’m a bit late.  I was actually going to participate in FO Friday this past week.  FO Friday is a meme just like WIP Wednesdays.  Why now?  Because I actually have an FO to share!  So yeah, I forgot.  Of course I looked at the calendar today saying ok, todays friday.  I think yesterday I thought it was Monday, and Saturday I thought it was Sunday.  SO  I have really been off my game lately and have had no idea what day it is apparently.  And thats with a gadget on my desktop that tells me what day it is.  Anyway, I’m going to pretend today is Friday anyway and show you what I’ve finished.

#1 is my citron.  Finally!  It was actually done a few weeks ago, but I still had to block.  I waited till after the fam left to do so.  And now I’m getting very frustrated because I had pictures of it blocking and I cannot find them on any camera, or the computer.  Although I know what camera I took the pictures with and they are gone!  GONE!  Technology can be so frustrating sometimes.  So you are subjecting to seeing the “other” pictures.  These pictures were taken after the citron was done, before ends were sewn in and before blocking.  And truthfully, I’m so close not to showing you these because these are nothing compared to the post-blocked citron.  Ugh.

#2.  Ok, not really a finished object, but it is half finished.  I have one glove of the Hands Over the Fire gloves done.  And I’m so happy to have it done!  The second half of it knit up so fast once I really got going and got the hang of the cables.  I was even able to memorize the pattern.  Right hand will be cast on very soon so I can wear both!  But it sure looks great minus the fact that ends still need to be sewn in.


Now let me introduce you to my trouble maker.  After making the citron it was sitting out for about a week.  One day I came home and it was sitting next to the cat’s water dish and not on the side table where it was left.  It was still folded might I add, but had a wet spot here and there.  I am SO lucky it wasn’t dropped right into the water bowl and swished around.  I don’t need a felted citron. It was hidden well after that incident.  Then I finished my armwarmer.  Left it on the table when I went to bed.  And it was in our bedroom doorway when I woke up.  No harm done to it though.  The culprit?  Edgar.  Not sure if I’ve introduced him yet, but he is our cat that looks like a cow.  He acts like a stoner.  And he is obsessed with yarn.  But usually just yarn, not the finished objects.  Those aren’t fun because they don’t unravel like yarn.  So I don’t know what his recent obsession has been but lets just say everything is getting put away from now on, even if it is done.


Behind Bars Seems Appropriate




You can see the "cowness" factor in here. That's Mifflin next to him.




2 thoughts on “It’s Not Friday Anymore

  1. Wow, I love Edgar and Mifflin… Mifflin looks very like my Minnie the Minx aka Minnie… I caught her the other day playing with a 3/4 finished sock… it took me 4 hours to rewind the ball of Delight sock wool… very hairy wool which tangled easily much to her delight… The fingerless glove is gorgeous too…

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