Save A Horse……

Ride a cowboy! Or as my husband has dubbed Save a Blackhawk, Ride a Crew Chief.  I don’t know if any of you readers are fans of the show Dancing with the Stars, but I am truly in love with the show and I have been since season 2.  I think I’m in love with dancing itself, and this is a great way to indulge in my passion (since I can’t just dance with myself).  I’m also a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance.   I’m not wonderfully happy with the cheesiness and lack of stars that has progressed through the seasons, BUT the dancing is still there!  To get to my point here, this past week they played the Top Ten Dances from all seasons!   And as I predicted, my favorite ever dance by Cheryl and Drew Lachey’s Freestyle dance to Save A Horse Ride a Cowboy from Season 2 was #1!!  I have a personal tie to this dance.  It has always been my favorite, and it was my technical first dance with my husband.  The day we met, I forced him to dance with me to this song.  Well, actually I was trying to get a friend to do it, and he pushed Rob over and said “He Will”.  And yes, I made my (now) husband get down and do push-ups during the song!  Then……there was a replay of this during our wedding reception of course!  And there’s photographic proof:


Since I don’t have it on video, and really that’s about all of the dance we actually do I’ll share the REAL one.  They are alot better, and I love it.  So this means I get to watch it again too!

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