Pretending It’s Still Wednesday

So I actually had this post partially written yesterday, for my WIP Wednesday post.  But I was working on a friend’s computer and couldn’t upload my photos because I couldn’t find them on their computer!  And they weren’t there to ask questions.  Then I was thinking I would post last night.  Well I went to a Brewery Tour with the FRG of my husband’s company.  This we really the first time I did anything with them yesterday, but I quite enjoyed it.  I’ve been told to expect vultures when it comes to the FRG.  But some people left and it seems to have gotten better.  My friends and I had a lot of fun!  So I figured now only will I share my WIP, but I’ll share some pictures from the brewery tour too!

First, remember this? The last time I shared this project it looked like that.  Not much huh?  Then I was working like crazy on my Hands Over the Fire gloves.  Finally I’ve gotten back to the hubs socks, well, because I wouldn’t have heard the end of it if I hadn’t.   And they look like this now!  Sorry for the poor color quality!

I’ve also cast on for my second jaywalker sock.  Just yesterday actually and it’s moving along quite well.

Now to share some brewery pictures.  We went to the Winkler Braustuberl.  It’s a gorgeous restaurant, brewery, spa and hotel.  And I have to say for being Euro, the prices are very decent!  Not only that, but I hate beer.  I don’t drink beer.  Unless it is a light, German beer.  German beer is so much better than American (or Canadian!) beer.  Well last night I tried a beer called Radler which is beer mixed with Lemonade.  And even the lemonade is brewed right there!  We saw it all on our tour 🙂  Here’s some pictures:

5 thoughts on “Pretending It’s Still Wednesday

  1. Of course, I love the green sock, but it’s always nice to see progress, isn’t it? The brewery tour sounds fun, and I can’t stand the smell of beer – I just like knowing how things are made.

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