Blogger Challenge

I don’t talk about school all to often on here.  Mainly because it’s boring being online and what-not.  There’s not many cool projects or interaction like I would have in a real classroom, or doing hours in the elementary school.  My Master’s degree is Teaching and Learning with Technology, so every now and then we learn about cool new software or websites.  This week I have one I wanted to share with all my blogger friends!  It’s called Wordle.  It’s hard to describe, but it’s fun!  It really gives you a visual of what you write about most often.  You type in your blog address and it creates a pictures of words from your blog!  It’s just a bit of fun!  Here’s mine!  I want you all to comment and share your link to your Wordle!  Or head over to the Blog Hub group on Ravelry and share there.  Or blog about it!  That’s my challenge to all you!  


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