I’m Tardy

As usual.  I need to remember to post my WIP on Wednesdays!  But it’s okay, I didn’t want to hold onto these pictures for another week.  I’ve actually had a lot of progress on projects this week, and hoping to get a lot more done by next week too.  First, I actually have a foot on those socks that I’ve been working on since…..um…. *wispers* August.  And for once I wish I had the excuse of second sock syndrome, but I don’t.  I’ve been working on the first one, but I am just a toe away!

I also have finished a leg warmer.  I never thought I would knit leg warmers.  Oh my, I never thought I would wear leg warmers.  The trend is back, and it’s actually much cuter (i think) than it was in the 80’s. But needless to say these leg warmers were not knit for myself.  I mean, really?  How often do I actually knit anything for myself anyway?  I love the way this yarn knit up.  The colors self striped diagonally.  I also learned a lesson about my own gauge when knitting these.  I knit most of them one day.  Picked them up again another day, and the self-striping went away!!  I thought something had changed with the yarn.  Well apparently my gauge had changed, because my tension changed.  I guess my tension can change with my mood or something?  It doesn’t surprise me, I just never realized it before.    I frogged my progress from that day, changed it up a little, and sure enough the striping continued! And the first one fits!  Which is good because see that little bit of extra yarn?  That was all that was left!

I also did some swatching.  Not for a specific project, but because I learned how to knit continental style!  I’m so excited about it, and I’m hoping I can really get the hang of it when I start some new projects.  I’ve been told not to switch in the middle of your projects because your tension can change drastically.  And I really want my socks to match, and not to change sizes!  But I understand the continental a lot better now that I actually met with someone else on post who knits to teach me.   It’s much better than trying to watch videos online.   Often the camera shakes, the person works too fast or the video isn’t close-up enough.   I also want to work each step, and I don’t want to have to continue pausing a video to do so.  Hopefully I can continue making progress with this style.

Oh, and before I forget, my husband had me take this picture just to share:


2 thoughts on “I’m Tardy

  1. Haha, I usually forget to post my WIPs on Wednesday too 🙂

    Loving the look of the blue socks, it’s a gorgeous blue!

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