I Miss Home Right Now

I’ve been missing home more than usual this past week.  It’s not that I’m not happy here, but that my best friend had a baby.  Her first.  And it wouldn’t be so difficult if I knew when I was going home next.  I don’t though.  It will be at least a year so I feel like I really won’t see her baby as an actual baby.  The baby will probably be walking and talking by the time I go home.  This for some reason make it so much harder.  And my mom went through the same thing with her best friend.  My mom lived in the Philipines right after my Father and her were married.  He was in the Navy.  Like Mother like daughter right?  Well her best friend had a baby soon after she left.  But she didn’t the luxury of Facebook, e-mails or blogging to keep up to date with the world at home.  I haven’t actually decided though, if these are luxuries or burdens.  Sometimes I think I miss things more because I know when they are happening and I see pictures.  I was crying my eyes out the other night looking at the pictures my bestest posted of their new bundle of joy.

Well, I’m dedicating this post to her new daughter, Grace Deborah.  She is the most adorable baby I think I have ever seen.  She was born on Wednesday, November 3rd at 6:04 pm.  Weighing in at a healthy 7 lbs 14 oz. She is absolutley gorgeous, and I am going to try to live vicariously through all the pictures my bestest sends me.  Just like this one; where you can see this beautiful little girl wearing the present I knit her (Fit for a Princess).  She is a princess, in my opinion!


3 thoughts on “I Miss Home Right Now

  1. She is beautiful and the dress was perfect for her!! The colors are amazing. I know what you mean about being far away, and while I know you are missing your friend it helps her to know you’re thinking of her. I have a lot of friends that are long distance and when I had my son it always amazed me how much they reached out. One friend in particular is constantly sending snail mail, and I send her pictures through snail mail as well. I feel like it means more than e-mail or blogging, etc. The main thing is to just make her know you haven’t forgotten her, we all know as hard as it is, you can’t do anything about distance. But the friends who live far away and make an effort to stay in touch are the ones that make us realize, wow that’s a true friend right there. Hang in there!

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