Odds & Ends

I’ve had a lot of things going on here and there.  I’ve finished a few things, made some progress on others.  Mostly making progress on losing weight!  Dropped another pound!  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but every pound is progress.  I have to keep telling myself that!  I’ve lost 9 pounds now since my family has left from their visit.  Finally the weight has started coming off, mainly because a dear friend told me that you start running, you’ll start losing weight.  I didn’t believe it, I figured as long as it was cardio it was all the same.  But the weight loss has proved that wrong.  I started running on the treadmill at the gym when I went, instead of just doing the elyptical for my cardio.  I’ve gone from running a mile in 18 minutes, to running it in under 13 minutes.  I’m proud of myself, but I need to keep it up.  My goal is to also go to at least one class at the gym a week. Weight goal is to lose 10 more pounds by January 1st.  I’m hoping I can get there!  I think the purchase of the AE Active 2, when we do finally buy it, will help me in meeting this goal.

In mentioning that it has been a month since my family has left, I am realizing there is so much I haven’t shared with you.  Specifically, my favorite place we went (my mom and aunt even went twice!) is Rothenburg.  I will have to post very shortly about that!  But I do want to share with you fellow knitters my favorite purchase.  Not just from that one town, but probably from the whole visit.  You will all appreciate this.  If you have ever been to Germany, you will know that they are famous for items which most people call “smokers”.  They are typically a man or woman doing something specific, and you open it up, light an incense on the inside, and there is a hole somewhere on the item that the smoke comes out of, hence the name.  Well we were in this one tiny little souvenir shop, and my mom actually had to point out this specific smoker.  I can’t believe I didn’t see it myself!  It is of an old woman sitting in front of a bread oven, knitting, and then you can see her little black cat in the back.  It is so freaking cute, I just had to buy it.  Best of all?  It only cost me 4 Euro!


Unfortunately you cannot see the smoke coming out of the chimney.


I have finished the 2nd legwarmer I was making.  The recipient is very anxious to wear them to school!  But I think she will have to fight my cats for it!  She already has the first one (so I could be assured that they fit, before I knit another one) and my cat has brought the new legwarmer upstairs to share with me twice.  And it went in their water dish once too.  That’s where Edgar takes all his favorite toys. All the best knit items have made that journey, most recently my Citron and a skein of Knit Picks WOTA.  It must be a right of way in our house. So I’ve had to hide it.  I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have kids yet because I think the cats would claim all their favorite possessions.  I could take a picture and post it, but it looks exactly like the other one I’ve previously posted.  I’ll get a picture of both of them on her to post soon though!

I made a tiny, tiny little mistake.  I seemed to have forgotten my promise to myself.  The promise that I would not purchase yarn at all, till 2011 rolls in.  Yes I managed to stick to it for a good 2 or 3 months already.  And I’m very disappointed in myself, because it’s not like I went to this great yarn shop for anything, and just couldn’t pass up a certain skein.  Nope.  I just forgot.  It completely slipped my mind, and I was at the Arts & Crafts shop on post.  It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, trust me.  And that was where I broke my promise!  Seriously?  I mean, if it was for Wollmeise or even Lana Grossa maybe I would understand.  But I purely just forgot.  And I was thinking about the idea of making something for my bestest’s new baby Grace.  So I bought some yarn to make a little stuffed animal for her, so I suppose I shouldn’t feel too bad.  It is for the cutest little baby ever! Ok, Ok I’ll share another picture of her!

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