Oh Happy Day.

Hoping you can sense the sarcasm in my voice.  Needless to say I have to complain.  I’m not a big fan of complaining, but sometimes it’s just necessary.  Well, first I find out some people aren’t coming that I planned on for Thanksgiving.  Which is cool.  You should do what you want to on Thanksgiving, but I don’t like when I have to find out about it through another friend, because I discover that some people I invited are going there instead.   I mean, how tacky really.  I don’t mind when people do what they want to do and I always want the freedom to do what I want and not feel bad.  I really am just mad because this always seems to happen to us.  We tried to have a Super Bowl party last year, a birthday party for my husband, and things really just never seem to pan out.  We plan, I cook and people that we are expecting don’t come.  Or we find out a few days before that they aren’t coming.  As much as I love living in Germany, I’m really excited to go back to the states where we have family.  Because really, you can always plan on family.

So I went shopping for our feast because we still have some great friends coming, and although it will be a little more of an intimate party than I expected, we are still going to have a great old time.  I’m determined.  So my fridge is stocked and my menu is planned, and everything is ready to go.  Then life decides to throw me another curve ball.  Apparently I just wasn’t meant to have a working refrigerator for the week of Thanksgiving.  It started getting a bit warmer this weekend, so I turned the temp down on it so it would get colder. Then it didn’t.  So first thing this morning I called facilities on post.  She told me she would get back to me between 10 & 12 about when the contractor would come to fix it.  When she called over an hour earlier than she said she would I was hopeful, then she said he would be here between 1200 and 1800 (for you civilians that means between noon and 6pm). 6pm!!!  I cannot wait that long, so I told her this. She says he has 8 service calls today, he never knows how long each will be.  I just wanted to scream at her “just come here NOW!!!!!!!!!”  But, I kept my calm I said I have groceries in my fridge I need to worry about and would appreciate it if they could keep that in mind and try to keep me at the top of the list.  I do think that they need to think about stuff like this, instead of just coordinating where they are going by location.  Unless they want to pay to replace my groceries and get me to the commissary to buy them.  So, needless to say, I’m waiting on them to come repair my fridge.  And I hope they can repair it and that they don’t have to replace it.  From what I’ve seen they replace fridges all too much around here instead of just fixing what doesn’t work.  My groceries (the important ones) are at my friends house, who will actually be joining us for Thanksgiving.  She is such a good friend and I’m glad I have her to depend on.  And since she called me so much earlier than she said, I’m hopeful that he will get her to fix my fridge nice and early. I’m being optomistic.

Then I got home from my dear friends house.  And my cats are running wild.  Which isn’t all that unusual so I don’t pay that much attention. I should have paid more attention.  Down in that little spot by their water dish is my project bag, with my husband’s Christmas present in it!!!  But seems a ball of yarn was missing……it was spread from the bottom floor to the top floor.  Now, you must understand my house to really see how annoying this is.  We live in a split level apartment, and have 6 stories.  Yes 6.  So needless to say one ball of yarn was wet, and unraveled throughout the house.  I’m not happy.  After everything I’ve been going through, it really wasn’t what I wanted to deal with.  And now the cats know Mommy is not a happy girl.  They both got into big trouble!

3 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day.

  1. there needs to be a picture montage of the yarn all over…one day you will laugh about it:) sorry to hear about your thxgiving woes and fridge to boot! even though thxgiving is my fav holiday…i decided to not do anything major cooking wise and just enjoy the snowboarding this year. i figure we have plenty of big meals to look forward to. plus, with less people coming, i’m sure you’ll have a little less to clean up, and much more time to have fun:)

  2. Aww no, sounds like you’re having a terrible week! At least you have some great friends you can count on. I really hope it all manages to get sorted out for you x

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