Gobble Gobble

Here’s wishing everyone a belated Turkey Day.  Hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and remembered the whole point behind the holiday.  This year I am thankful to be happy and healthy and for all the great quality time I have gotten to spend with my husband in the past few weeks.  It’s nice to actually see him once in a while.

We had two turkeys this year, and not purposely.  I had a dinner planned with a good friend across the street.  She is German and was going to be celebrating her first Thanksgiving ever, plus she also has a new son so it was his first too!  Her husband wanted to do a deep-fried turkey since he’s from the south and had been having them for years.  But it was less than a week till Thanksgiving and there was still no fryer to make one so I planned on cooking one.  Bought one, started it thawing, then low and behold he found a fryer.  And bought a turkey!  And despite our suggestions, thawed it anyway, so we had two 14 pound turkeys for four people.  Of course I didn’t want that much turkey and didn’t want to deal with cooking a turkey on top of everything else for Thanksgiving if there was no need to, so I kept it in the fridge to cook later.  I was cooking first thing when I woke up on Thursday, just for the hubby.  He wanted Cinnamon Rolls because it’s a family tradition.  I didn’t mind a challenge, and baked cinnamon rolls from scratch.  I can’t believe I was successful though!  And now that I’m an accomplished Cinnamon Roll baker I need a better recipe.   So please share any suggestions!  Thank you!

It was nice to have Thanksgiving twice, I must say.  And both birds were absolutely delicious (despite the fact that the deep fried one was slightly undercooked and had to make a trip to the oven).  I highly, highly suggest the recipe I used to roast my turkey.  I cooked it up yesterday.  It was so good, and very very moist!  If you get Taste of Home Magazine you already have the recipe!  It was a Champagne Basted Turkey and you can find the recipe here if you are a Taste of Home Member.  At first I questioned the idea of using Champagne, or as it called for any type of sparkling wine.  I ended up using Mascato wine because I always have it in my fridge, and it turned out great!  I will use this recipe again, and possibly again and again after that!


Deep Fried Turkey- Not as burnt as it looks!


Oh So Good Mascato Basted Turkey



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