Cyber Monday!

Guess what?  It’s Cyber Monday today!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s basically the online version of black Friday.  It’s not everywhere yet, like black Friday, but it’s getting bigger and bigger every year.  And one of my favorite online yarn shops is participating!  KnitPicks!  I was very excited about this!  I wasn’t sure how crazy it would be, and how fast things would sell so I actually starting figuring what I wanted to make, and what I needed for it yesterday.  That way I could get on fast, order the yarn I wanted and get off without having anything ordered out from under me.  Well, I don’t think it was that crazy, but I’m still glad I did.  Otherwise I would have been wandering their site forever, and ordered more than I need.  I planned out yarn for 3 different sweaters and I thought I would end up buying some extra yarn to add to the stash and yarn for one sweater.  Well, low and behold I bought enough to make all 3 and I’m very excited about it!

I’ll be making Amused by Joriana Paige using KnitPicks Simply Cotton in the Grey Heather colorway.  This will be my first ever attempt at making a sweater, and I thought this one seemed simple enough.  Just a bit of cabling and some ribbing.  It’s also a seamless sweater so I won’t be trying to knit pieces together!  Picture is from the original pattern and was published in Knitty’s Winter 2008 Issue.

Next up is Lettuce Pullover by Hanna Fettig, published in the Fall 2010 Issue of Knitscene Magazine.  It’s lace and after making that Citron I have been turned on by lace.  I used to hate it, but I really think I was just trying to knit with the wrong lace and the color I was using also didn’t do anything for me.  I ordered and plan to make this with KnitPicks Gloss Lace in the Ultramarine colorway.  Such a deep, pretty shade of blue.

Now the third sweater I actually made a mistake with.  I was planning on knitting another one of Hanna Fettig’s designs – the Carrot Cardigan, which was published in the same issue.  I really love this cardigan and planned to make it in KnitPicks Shadow Lace with the Basalt Heather colorway.  A good color for a cardigan since it will match most of what I wear and I can throw it on when I get cold.  But, I seemed to do some miscalculating.  In my day of researching patterns, figuring out yarns to match, and calculating yardage I failed to realize that this particular pattern is fingering weight, not lace.  I’ve been thinking about making this carrot cardigan since the day I saw it in my magazine, but for some reason I always thought it was lace.  Big mistake.  So I will be heading off to search more patterns on Ravelry.  If I don’t find anything that strikes my fancy I think I’ll be attempting to modify the pattern for lace yarn rather than fingering weight.  I think if I make the Lettuce pullover first I may have a better idea of how to do this too.  So, we’ll see what I end up doing.

All in all, it has been quite a successful Monday indeed.  I’m not usually this happy about Mondays.  I also purchased a skein of lace Shadow Tonal which is gorgeous, a skein of Stroll Multi for a pair of socks and a sock knitting needle holder.  I’ve realized lately with throwing my yarn in my bag, that I should be more careful.  I’m afraid my needles are going to break so this should solve that problem.  I also got a great deal on Amazon and ordered my hubby a Christmas present I know he will just love.  Now I just have to wait for it all to get here!!


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