Two Toes Tuesday

Today I get to post two finished toes!  Which means two finished socks!  And which also equals out to 1 finished object!  I’m finally done with, what my friend calls, the dreaded jaywalkers!  I didn’t mind them too much.  I made them for my Grandmother, so even though the stitch is pretty tight and I think it worked well since her feet are so small and narrow.  But I am sick of looking at them!  I’ve been working on them since July, but then I had to put them into hibernation since I didn’t know if they would fit, but my family was coming to visit.  When they came in October I had my Grandma try them on and they fit like a glove sock.  So they are done!  And Skyp Sock #1 is done.  Finally.  Which I just blame on lack of attention to them.  So my only goal right now is to finish Skyp Sock #2 by Christmas!  I’ll post a picture later, when I can have the hubs try it on, since it’s a bit oversized for my foot!

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