Off the Wagon.

I must’ve fell off the blogging wagon.  Particularly Tami’s Work-in-Progress Wednesday and Finished Object Friday meme’s.  I don’t know why I got lost.  Maybe it’s because things have been a bit crazy around here.  Mostly weather wise….  Post (the Army post I live on) was shut-down at noon on Monday, 2- hour delay on Tuesday, 2-hour delay on Wednesday, and Thursday post was completely shut-down.  Even what they call “mission essential” soldiers were not to report because the roads were so bad.  All for what was collectively less than a foot of snow.    Last year the post never closed like this.  And this was only the first snow of the season.  As much as I love snow, and want more I hope it doesn’t effect the post in the same way this “storm” if you could even call it that, has.  Long story short, my husband has been home so much that I haven’t known what day of the week it really was.  Plus Thanksgiving changed what days school work was done, so I was turning in school work on different days than I typically do.  I’m just hoping things get back to normal, which includes my WIPW posts and FOF posts!  But I will get you all caught up till next week.

I’m working on a few things for Christmas.  I have my sights set nice and low though.  No aphgans, socks or even scarfs for Christmas presents.  (Besides a little something special for my hubby!)  Just a few ornaments.  I basically started because I am participating in an ornament exchange for the FRG next week.  I thought it would be fun to knit one!  So I started on a snowflake, and learned to read a whole pattern before I start.  The whole border, which actually makes it look like a snowflake, is crochet.  I have recruited a friend from the new knitting group on post to help, but of course it was canceled this week due to weather conditions.  So it pretty much just looks like a hexagon till I get some help with the edges.


So then I preceded to start a new ornament.  One that I can actually have done by Monday!  Because, well the ornament exchange is on Monday!  So I’m working on an ornament from the same pattern set as the snowflake above.  I’m making the pointsetta.  In some non-tradition, but festival and seasonal colors.  So far it looks pretty good, and I have 3 more petals to make, than the berries.  I know it won’t be much of a problem to get done this weekend, and I plan to work on it shortly after I’m done with this post.


Next on off the needles is a Kindle Case.  My husband both have really wanted a Kindle since they came out.  This year we decided we would make Christmas easy and buy each other Kindles.  His in the color graphite, and mine in white.  The last thing I want to do is pick up and try to read his Kindle.  And I’m sure it would bother him even more than it would bother me, what with all kinds of knitting books, romances and whatnot on it.  So I’ve been making a Kindle Case.  And actually it was quite a fast knit.  I think it only took me 3 days which is pretty good on my part.  I even went to go buy a button today just for the case! I’m just really hoping though, that it actually fits.  The pattern says it stretches over the kindle, and I’m wonder even if I should block it.  But I’m waiting for the Kindles to get here to try it out.  I’ll get my husband’s kindle to load with surprises and he’ll do the same with mine.  And it should be here by Monday or Tuesday.  I’ll find out then, and update you guys next week!

2 thoughts on “Off the Wagon.

  1. Nice little projects you have going. If I were closer, I could help you with your snowflake.

    Since you mentioned on my blog we are from the same area, it would take few feet or more of snow to impress us.

    To answer your question, I used Bernat Baby Jaquard. My Wal-mart had it, and I know Michaels carries it to if either of those are available to you. They have other colors as well.

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