So It’s Friday

Friday means Finished Objects.  But guess what?  Big surprise that I didn’t finish anything this week.  I really feel like the week just started and finished.  No in between.  I’m really trying to remember what I’ve done this weekend and feel like I don’t have anything to share.  I haven’t accomplished anything this week.  Well, besides a decent amount of work on hubby’s Christmas present.  Even if I had finished that, I wouldn’t have been able to share.  That’s one of the things I don’t love about gift knitting.  I can’t share till they’ve been received.  Luckily I don’t have much more to do, gift wise. There are things I do love about the Christmas season.  Decorating.  Snow.  And Baking.

Decorating. I’ve done a bit of that this week at least.  Decorated the whole house for Christmas.  Now I just need a Christmas tree to make everything complete.  Either tomorrow or Sunday we will be going to buy our Christmas tree (no matter what the hubs has to say about it).  Then I will really feel like it’s Christmas.  Face it- no matter how many Christmas movies you watch, how much Christmas music you listen to, and how many presents you’ve wrapped, it doesn’t feel like Christmas till you have a real tree up.

Snow.  We’ve had plenty of that. I just wish the sun would join the snow so I can get some decent pictures.  Edgar took his first adventure in the snow.  He was a bit, well, confused.  And it is the only time he came back in the house voluntarily.  That tells you what he thought of it right there.

Baking.  I made Chocolate Pretzels.  Not Chocolate covered pretzels, but the pretzels you put in the oven with Hershey kisses on top, then place M&Ms on them.  They are pretty much heaven.  Especially if you use Peanut Butter M&Ms.  And they are also pretty much the easiest “baking” I’ve ever done.  Sunday will be much more of a feat.  I have 3 batches of the Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies (thank you Paula Dean) to make.  On Sunday I will be getting together with some neighbors to do a cookie exchange.  It was my idea to do this, and I’ve heard of them but never participated.  I told a few girls here, and then more friends were invited.  So I’m making more than planned, but that just means I get more goodies and we have a bigger variety of sweets!  I decided to get this cookie swap going because I love Christmas cookies too much, and I don’t want to make a bunch of different kinds just to eat them all.  This way I get a variety, but only a few of each!  Less carbs, calories and sugar for me.  I’m sure the hubs won’t mind.

If you were disappointed not to see any finished objects, then I suggest you head over to Tami’s Amis to check out everyone else.  I’ll leave you now with some pictures of Edgar taking on the big, fluffy, white stuff.


7 thoughts on “So It’s Friday

  1. Have a great time picking out your Christmas tree. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, trimming the tree to Christmas music.

    Your kitty is adorable! I can’t even imagine what mine would do in the snow. You take them outside for one second and they get sweaty paws in normal weather. LOL

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