Attempt #1


Christmas here in Germany is beautiful.  I guess Christmas isn’t even the right word, Winter is.  Because as long as there is snow on the ground I feel like I’m in a Winter Wonderland.  There are fields and forests abound. Pretty much anywhere you look you can see numerous pine trees.  Well I’m not exactly an expert on that, so some type of Fur Christmas tree looking trees.  Pretty much anything you would be willing to put in your house and decorate and call a Christmas Tree.

So you would think, with all this abundance of trees, it would not be so hard to find a Christmas tree.  I think so many people have their own land and cut down their own in the small town areas we live in.  And I hate to say it, but I fear the popularity of fake Christmas trees has started to outweigh the popularity of real ones.  I genuinely hope that is not the case though, since I love having a real tree and will never put up a Pseudo-tree in my house as long as I can help it.

Finding a live tree here in Germany however, has proven to be a challenge.  Last year I literally drove around for half a day trying to find someone selling Christmas trees.  Then, I had to find a Christmas tree stand, which was quite a challenge.  All in all I finally put up a Christmas tree in our house.  By Myself.  This year I wasn’t feeling the whole solo act since it’s supposed to be a fun family activity.  So my hubs and I headed out today in search of our Christmas tree.  It wasn’t really supposed to be a search though, since I had seen them for sale in a nearby town.  We headed straight there and arrived at 4:30 in the afternoon (yes it’s still afternoon then, even if it’s been dark for an hour already!).  Mind you it’s a Saturday.  The weekend.  When most people should be heading out to buy their tree.  They closed at 4.  They aren’t open on Sunday.  They are open during the week till 1800 (or 6 for you civilian folk).  Which means my husband might, just might, get out someday this week to head straight home, pick me up, and head straight for the one and only Christmas Tree place I have been able to find this year.  I’m really curious how people in Germany function.  Nothing is open after a regular work day.  I don’t understand how they do it.  Needless to say, I’m still Christmas Treeless and will be heading over with a friend on Monday to get my Christmas tree.  Once again, without my husband.  I’m hoping we will be in the states next Christmas so I don’t have to deal with this whole process.  It’s so much easier there.  Hoping you all have better luck preparing for your Christmas than I have!


One thought on “Attempt #1

  1. We haven’t gotten ours yet either…not sure when we will, as the Hubs is working retail, so all the time and I have a little Mazda…So I can’t pick up a tree myself…

    I would love to see Germany at this time of year. So many of our Christmas celebrations come from there.

    I have a picture of my brother and I on St. Nicholas’s lap when I was about 4 in Germany.

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