I Had To.

I finally did it.  I had to.  I hit the big red panic button on my blog-reader.  I use FeedDeamon, and I really love it.  For a little while it wouldn’t show up all new posts as unread, but I noticed this week that there was an update.  I’m thinking that problem had something to do with it.  So I updated.  And that cleared up my problems!

But I still had another problem.  I had about 250 unread blog posts.  I follow probably a good 50 blogs or more, and ever since my family had visited I’d gotten way behind on my reading.  And no matter how much I read, I stayed behind.  So after 3 months of trying to catch up, I did it.  I hit the panic button, which deleted every post that was more than 24 hours old.  Now after 4 days, I have ZERO unread posts.  And I’m commenting on more of the blogs I enjoy, because I’m not trying to get through so many.  It’s amazing how I can get up and do my daily computer stuff, and after an hour or so I’m done!  I feel more accomplished, just from a big red button.

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