Finished Object Friday

I don’t know if I have formally done a Finished Object Friday post, but I will tell you it is only because of lack of Finished Objects!  But this week is a different story.  I have two whole FOs to share.  But of course, one cannot be.  This is because it is the secret present for the Hubs.  I will however link to my Ravelry projects page of the surprise Christmas present because I know that he does not have a Ravelry ID.  Truthfully I don’t even know if he would happen to read this post.  He doesn’t read the blog as much as he did when we were in two different places, for obvious reasons.  And I know that even if he did wander upon it he is way too lazy to sign up for a Ravelry ID to see his present.

Second was the ornament for the Christmas exchange I have previously mentioned.  This was for an FRG spouses get-together.  Interesting story actually.  The hostess added an extra ornament into the pile in case someone had forgotten an ornament, but no one did (but of course it stayed for the exchange).  So this left a little predicament.  There was one ornament left for nobody.  That ornament was mine.  Boy did I feel like the last person picked for a kickball game.  So they decided we would raffle it off for a little something extra.  Good idea.  Why Oh Why did they include me in the raffle though?!  Because guess what……they picked me.  I won my own ornament.  I made them redraw because truthfully I hated the fact that my was the only handmade ornament, I put so much effort into it, and no one got to enjoy that.  At least someone finally went home with it, and I wasn’t surprised that they couldn’t believe I made it.  They all loved it.  Boy aren’t they kicking themselves for not picking my little gift bag now!


9 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday

  1. I definitely would have picked your ornament, I love it! The shape is so sweet, and the yarn is so festive. 😀 (And I love the Secret Present, too, great colours.)

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