Another New Year

Another New Year, which of course means a new year of resolutions.  When I was thinking about what my resolutions would be for the year, I got to thinking about last years.  I didn’t even remember what they were.  Luckily, I posted them on my blog (the old one) and was able to refer back to them.  I think the fact that this was the first time in a year I had looked at the list is a bit of a prediction on whether I have reached them or not.  Here’s the old resolutions:

1. Work out 4 times a week (even when I get busy!) I’ve done pretty well with this, but the sad thing is it really took me most of the year to get into this habit.    I wasn’t really working out at all when I set this goal, and now I work out at least twice a week, if I’m busy.  Usually more, and sometimes even more than 4 times!  That doesn’t happen too often though!
2. Lose 35 lbs (already 10 lbs there) Truthfully I have no idea what weight I was actually at when I posted this, but I’m pretty positive that I haven’t reached it.
3. Read at least one book a month. I don’t think I was even close, but I must say I have to find a better way of keeping track of the books I have read.  I don’t really know when I’ve read what I did, and I think I’m going to look at some websites to see if there is a good site to do this with.  Any suggestions??
4. Stay in touch with friends back home. I’ve done better.  I must say there are certain people I wish I talked to more, but there are some people I have done pretty well with.  I’m just not a phone person, and being here in Germany it seems like all the pressure is on me to call people.  I don’t like that.
5. Blog at least once a week. YES!  Finally a goal I reached!  There may have been times I didn’t do to well because I got busy, but I blog much more than I did a year ago!  It seems that I have more of a passion for it, and blogging has really become an outlet for me, creative and otherwise.

Those were last years, and thinking about this years I really cannot stop thinking about the fact that I never referred back to my resolutions.  It makes me wonder it would be more reasonable to set a monthly goal.  Personally, I’d like to try this.  So this year my New Years Resolution will be to make a monthly resolution and follow through.  I think making less each month will also help, since there is less to work on.

January Goals:

1.  I’d like to make a regular cleaning schedule.  I’m home all day and I have no excuse to have a mess anywhere really.  But I go by “what I feel like doing” instead of what should be done.  I think if I created a schedule and clean a certain room a day, our house would look much better.

2.  I want to stick to my workout schedule.  I’ve started using the EA Active 2 for the Wii.  I finally got it as a birthday present from my amazing husband.  Although I love using it, I haven’t been able to stick to the schedule the game sets for me, but I would like to get in the habit of doing so.

I think both of these goals are achievable in a month.  I’ll keep you posted to see how well they go.  Anyone interested in joining me with a monthly goal?  We could even create a meme, and a Mr. Linky for it.  Let me know if you are interested and I’ll get one up if I get enough people!


4 thoughts on “Another New Year

  1. great goals – and i like your monthly approach. ours goals are similar – i also posted about working out more. re: cleaning schedule – i just read the other day the suggestion to create mini daily schedules (10-15 minutes/day) so you keep up with things and you never have to do the “big clean”. i’m going to try that starting this week.

    have a great 2011!

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