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Wow- WIP Wednesday already!!  I truthfully can’t believe it is already the middle of the week.  My husband was home for two weeks on leave, and we quite enjoyed laying around not doing much.  Especially my husband.  And the house guest we had.  So needless to say I spent this week catching up on cleaning.  I also have created a schedule as to better reach my January goal of cleaning and getting organized in doing so.  There is alot to do this week for it, but will result in less time in the future, as long as I can stay with my routine.  I went to the trouble of writing out the whole schedule and popping it up on the fridge.  That way I have no excuse.

Now, I don’t think I have participated in WIP for a while.  And I’m pretty sure I haven’t shown you any progress on my Amused sweater.  That may be because there isn’t much to share.  But I don’t mind showing you what I have done.  I haven’t touched in about two weeks though, and I’m even contemplating frogging it and starting over.  I was having an issue with my M1’s.  I think I solved the issue by twisting the M1’s before knitting, but I still have these little tiny holes.  I don’t think I like them.  And they say not to be scared to frog right??  What do you think?



Here you can see the tiny holes I'm referring to.







Onto the important stuff!!  I’ve also been working on a new project.  Big in some ways, little in most.  As many, if not all of you know, our nieces died this past year.  My SIL Emily gave birth at 26 weeks, and they both didn’t make it long before they joined one another in heaven.  Ever since this has happened I haven’t stopped thinking about all the other babies born so early and so small and haven’t wanted to do something, anything I could really.  I decided a few months ago, when hearing the Knitmore Girls (great podcast-go check it out!) talk about how they use leftover sock yarn to knit up preemie hats.  I thought, I could do that!  What a great idea!   And I’ve started.  I have 2 down, one on the needles and several more to go!!  Still haven’t used up a whole ball of scrap yet either.

Then I thought the more the better.  I am a member of Ravelry, and so is my MIL.  Many people have become dear friends with her, and are very aware of the family tragedy.    I have to come to know Ravelry as not only a great group of knitters but as a very supportive group no matter what the circumstances.  I posted a thread explaining my project and have had more than 15 people sign on to help out!  All preemie clothes knit up (hats, booties, blankets, etc.) will be sent to me by May 1st so I can get them posted to the hospital the twins were cared for at by May 17th.  I picked this day because it is their Mother’s birthday.  Any donations are greatly appreciated, so please feel free to join me!!  If you would like to join feel free to e-mail me, or just join in on the Ravelry thread!  This is a great cause, and a very small project if you want to do a bit of charity knitting for the new year but aren’t sure you have the time or resources!!


16 thoughts on “Please Join Me

  1. Wow! What a great project! If I knew how to knit I would surely be a part of it! When my son was born he was in the special care unit and had on a hat that someone had knitted and donated! They’re adorable!

  2. What a great idea for your SiL! I was a preemie myself, born 2 months early and was lucky to survive way back when. I’d love to join! I’ll check out the Ravelry group.

  3. I don’t think the M1s are a huge problem, but if they’re bothering you, you should probably fix them, or you won’t be happy with the finished project.

    Have you tried a lifted increase? If I remember correctly, they don’t make holes as much. I did a whole scarf with lifted increases, and it worked really well with no holes at all.

  4. Which method of M1 are you using? If you are simply lifting the bar below and then knitting it, then it will be essentially like a yo from the row below. If you lift from the front of the work, (so that the yarn is running from the right side of the tip of your left needle to the back side) and then knit the back loop-then that little twist will close up the hole. Here is a picture explanation:

  5. I took a look at your Ravelry thread… awesome project you’ve got going! My charity knitting is in the prayer shawl area, and it looks like you have lots of folks joining up for the preemie hats. So I’ll keep on with the prayer shawls, and I’ll be thinking good thoughts for all those preemies you’re helping.

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