Embracing the hat

A few posts ago I showed you my finished Starry Night Hat.  This was a slouchy hat I knit up in just a few days and was quite proud of it.  I love the pattern; Star Crossed Slouchy Beret.  And I loved the yarn:  MmmMM  Malibrigo Worsted in Amoroso.  So had to be a great fit right?  Not to mention only the second time I have actually used the yarn called for in the pattern.  Must be something with Malibrigo since the firsts time was the Citron.  But in my post An FO Christmas Eve I didn’t like the hat.  Not the project itself, but how it looked on me.  I just didn’t think it worked.

This week I was determined to wear it, and make it look good!  I actually did my hair yesterday morning, wore some red so the hat would match, and put it on.  Most importantly?  I put it on the RIGHT way!   Of course I love it now!  I have embraced the beauty of the hat (and just dealt with the fact that it just isn’t made to keep my ears warm!)  I learned a lesson by doing this.  Many of my knits I may not like, or think I like, but until I go out of the way to try it with the right clothes and hair I really shouldn’t judge.


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