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My cousin has a great blog called Keepin’ It Real!  She’s a young mother and a crafter who just started blogging.  It’s a great blog, she’s a great girl and she passed a blog award onto me!  The problem is that for some reason the picture of the award isn’t loading and she doesn’t mention the name of it anywhere else in her post.  So as excited as I am I can’t really post it!  I can however, post the “rules” that go along with it.  You have to post 7 things about yourself, then tag no more than 15 people to do the same.  I won’t be tagging 15, that’s quite a bit.

About Me:

1. I am the biggest procrastinator I know.  For some reason I cannot do anything ahead of time.  Well this isn’t quite true.  This really only applies to school work.   I can even attempt to work on it throughout the week but will still be finishing it the night it’s due.  I don’t know why I do this, but it’s something I have done forever.  It’s gotten me into a bit of a pickle a few different times, but I suppose I shouldn’t worry too much about it any longer.  I have 4 weeks left of school, then I will officially be done with my Master’s degree in Learning & Teaching with Technology.

2. I’m addicted to knitting.  And when I say addicted, I actually think it is a complete addiction.  I get a total rush from fiber, whether it is from the actual process of knitting, looking at patterns, reading blogs, browsing yarn, and especially buying yarn!  If you pop in on me during my daily cleaning rituals you will find me listening to knitting podcasts too.  And I would be a miserable, unhappy girl is you took my fiber fix!  Definite withdrawal symptoms would be pursue.

3.  I’ve watched the movie Newsies way too many times.  It’s my feel good movie.  I watched it for the first time when I was at a neighbors house when I was young.  Then every time I got sick I would make my mom rent the movie.  Finally once I had a car and a job, and a DVD player I bought it for myself.  Now it’s still a “sick” movie, or a “I can’t sleep movie”.  I even have the soundtrack.  Oh, and a build-a-bear named Bale, the main character is played by Christian Bale.

4. I’ve always wished that I could read faster.  Reading has always been a passion but I have never been able to read at a decent speed.  The fastest I can read a book, even a small one, is usually 5 days to a week.  I learned that I read slowly when I was in school, and we would have to read a whole page or a chapter and I would be the only one reading when the teacher started instruction again.  Usually I wouldn’t even be half-way done.  I still wish I could read faster, but all the speed reading books and programs I’ve tried never work or don’t make sense to me.  Oh well.

5.  My husband and I must have a very similar sense of humor.  And I blame him for many of my interests.  These interests include The Office, Fable III, Chuck, Princess Bride and many others.  It’s a good thing I found him!

6.  I love the winter.  The earlier the first snowfall the better.  And the longer it lasts the better.  I go for more walks when there is snow on the ground.   I love taking pictures of the snow.  It’s just so gorgeous, and such a great excuse to stay inside with your loved ones, bundle up and be cozy.  Plus, skiing is my absolute favorite sport.  I’ve skied since I was six I think, or as far as I can remember really.  I grew up skiing which led to my participation on my HS ski team.  It’s just such a rush!

7.  I blog because I can.  I started with not even knowing how to use a blog and have learned so much.  It’s a free outlet for everything; creativity, emotion, and just fun.  I will continue to blog for as long as I can!


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