Belated Once Again

I’m so behind sometimes.   But I have absolutely no excuse for that.  None besides the fact that I have been completely addicted to Plants vs. Zombies.  I know, I know: sounds geeky and stupid.  It is both.  But it is so addicting!  And fun! And funny!!  Go try out the free trail.  No excuse not to because like I said IT’S FREE!  And get addicted now because Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be out soon.

Let’s get on with the show though.  It is it was work-in-progress Wednesday over at Tami’s Amis and Other Crochet.  Be sure to check out the link to Knit and Seek where Paula so dearly blogged about my Preemie Hat Project!  Bless her heart!  I have a few things to share this week.  Yes the feeling of knitting monogamy has left me, which happened when I just couldn’t continue with my sweater. I needed to cheat, and I have!

I already mentioned the Preemie Hat Project, so I will share the one which I have on the needles now.  This is currently my 3rd hat.  They are so quick and easy to knit that I will be cranking them out continually over the next few weeks.    I can’t currently find the pattern I am using, but I’ll keep looking.

I’ve also been working on another project.  A super-secret project put together by a fellow raveler.  I can’t give any more information so as not to ruin the surprise, but some of you readers may know exactly what I’m talking about!  I can’t exactly tell you what the picture is of, but at least you can see a little bit of detail and color.

I also started a new pair of socks.  One for ME!  Of course I should probably finish the ones I’ve been making for my husband huh?  I will, I promise!  But I was just too excited to wait with these.  My dear friend Heather of A Tangled Yarn bought me this yarn for these socks for my birthday.  I was very surprised!  It was the yarn she used for her Plain Jane Socks, and I just fell in love!  I’m using the Skew pattern from Knitty for these socks, but have named them my Copy Cat socks.  Since I am totally copying Heather with this yarn!

5 thoughts on “Belated Once Again

  1. I’m glad I am not the only one who is guilty of starting projects for myself when I still have gifts in progress on the needles. : )
    Those are cute socks! And good for you for starting the Preemie Hat Project. I bet it will take off and continue past your May deadline if you want it too.

  2. I can’t wait to start my preemie hats! It’s one reason I started the hat for me, to try and figure out how to do it on a larger scale before I try the teenie-tiny ones.

    I love that sock yarn! It’s such a beautiful colorway!

    And yes, Plants vs Zombies is terribly addictive! We have it on our computers and on my husband’s ipad!

  3. Skew is such a cool sock pattern. I love that color way that you are using for yours. I am also guilty of procrastinating on my husband’s long awaited socks. I even stole the yarn for it to knit something for myself!

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