More Goals

New Month Means New Goals!

Goal #1?  BLOG MORE OFTEN!  I get on a blogging role for a while, and then I don’t blog at all for a while.  I need to be on more of a regular schedule as you can tell, since it’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged.

Goal #2  – To work on last months goals still. I guess I thought it would be easier.  I put the cleaning schedule on the side of the fridge and when I look at it I follow it.  I think I need to put it somewhere I see it everyday.

Goal #3 – To use the rest of my scrap yarn and finish up my preemie hats.  I have more time than this, but my original goal was to knit them by the end of February.  I’m just going to try to stick with that right now.  We’ll see if I can.

I have a lot more to share with you in the coming days.  I still haven’t blogged about our trip to the BMW museum, although there is already a draft in progress.  I also spent some time in Mainz with a friend and would like to share some of those highlights with you.  And best yet – I finished two knitting items on Sunday which I can’t wait to share on FO Friday!


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