I Forgot It Was Wednesday

Wednesday Work-In-Progress.  Or should I call it I’m-always-late-because-i’m-way-too-forgetful.  I’m so boring today.  I can’t think of anything really creative to say about my projects.  I don’t have a lot going on right now.  Really just two pairs of socks.  One pair is the never-ending socks for my husband.  I have seriously been working on them since August and keep putting them down.  I guess that should tell me never to knit that pattern again.  It’s not easy enough to do as mindless knitting, but it is just not complex enough to keep me interested either.  That would be the pattern Simple Skyp Socks.  If you get bored easily I don’t suggest it.

In the picture you can see my new Baggu bag in use.  Looking for the post about the giveaway I won the bags in, I’m realizing it took me a LONG TIME to post about it.  But at least I didn’t forget.  I won 3 Baggu zip-up bags and a tote, plus a pair of fingerless gloves (which I have worn so much that they really need washing) from Knit 1 Slip 1.  In fact, I have a funny story about the gloves, which will prove how much I love them.  I was visiting a friend in Weisbaden, and we went on post to the PX there.  I tried on a pair of shoes and took off the gloves to do so.  Well I left the gloves there, needless to say.  As soon as I realized I left them there I called, they look, and no such luck.  They said to call again in case they turned up that night.  My friend and I stopped by again the next day and they had them set aside for me.  I was a happy, happy girl!  Her mom wants me to knit a pair for her now too, since she liked them so much!  Thanks again Knit 1 Slip 1.

Also working on my Copy Cat Socks.  The pattern there is Skew from Knitty which I absolutely adore.  I think it’s easy enough to make as my every-day vanilla sock pattern but they have just enough bit of difference.  Perfect for self-striping yarn.

Also working on my preemie hats of course.  I also plan on casting on for the Button-Up Baby Wrap with some hand-dyed bulky yarn.  Can’t share who I’m knitting it for though-sorry!  I’ve been so excited to use this yarn I dyed but had to special order a size 17 circular needle though.  So patients is a virtue right?  We’ll see, because in linking this I found that the pattern was temporarily taken down for revisions.  Now I can’t cast on today!  Ugh!


3 thoughts on “I Forgot It Was Wednesday

  1. Better late than never! I’m sure your husband will love the socks once they’re done and then looking back it won’t seem as if they took as long/or were as boring as they are.

    I’m so glad you got your fingerless gloves back! It’s always sad leaving something behind that means so much to you, but nothing to a store so you never know if they’ll even look.

    I love your dyed yarn! Great job.

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