FO Friday

ON TIME!!!  Woohoo!  Let’s see how long I can keep my posts on the right days!  Ha, today’s FO Friday might be it.  We’ll have to wait and see.  I know, that should definitely keep you coming back to check up on, right?  Nothing more exciting than whether suddenexpression can post on time or not!

Onto my FO’s of the week.  That’s right, I have two.  And oddly enough they both have never been featured in “WIPW”.  They were both nice quick knits for me.  One of course is a Christmas present.  What would a knitter’s New Years be without belated Christmas knitting?  This one was for my brother.  I had him pick out the pattern.  It is the Hill Country Hat found in The Knitters Book of Wool (which was part of a fabulous Christmas present from the MIL).  I used (dare I say) Caron Simply Soft.  *EEk! Acrylic!*  I’ll say though, I actually really enjoyed using this yarn.  It was true to it’s name, very, very soft.  The pattern wasn’t a favorite.  It looks good finished, but it was easy to get lost in the pattern. With most patterns it is very easy to read the knitting, but for some reason this really wasn’t. I just couldn’t read it to see where I was.


Next up is the Kindle Case for My Love.  Part of his Christmas present I suppose.  I made up the pattern, or improvised I guess you could say.  Did some math and figured out the right number of stitches to cast-on using the Double Moss pattern.  I did Judy’s Magic Cast-On, then continued with the pattern, using my Kindle for sizing.  Finished it on the train back from Wiesbaden.  The buttons were a find in downtown Mainz.  It’s done just in-time to send his Kindle back.  He actually had an issue with a gray line running across the screen.  We’ve had them in use for a month now and it just started.   I must say though, that I am in love with Amazon’s customer service!  I called them, told them the issue and had a new one being over-nighted to us.  We we get it, we just send the old one back!  So happy they took care of the issue.

3 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. Caron Simply Soft is crazy soft. I find it a little too slippery, though I haven’t knitted with it, only crocheted. The hat looks great!

    I love the Kindle case! Great color and I love the buttons.

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