The Pack Is Back

Back On Top! I have to say I haven’t been this invested in a Super Bowl game, well, ever.  I’ll admit that Green Bay isn’t my number one team, but being a Bills the past few years hasn’t brought me much joy.  And surely not any reason to watch the Super Bowl.  I used to watch for the commercials, but when watching on AFN you don’t get that wonderful opportunity.   We get lovely commercials made for viewers by viewers, and they aren’t very good.  Some of them are actually worse than the public service announcements we usually get.   We did see alot of shout-outs to the troops from the teams and I’m impressed with the amount of Green Bay Packers who did them.  I swear there were only about 3 Steelers who took the time out for the troops.  So sad.

Anyway, on to the game!  I have a very happy husband and “family-in-law”.  But he seems to think there always has to be a “nay-sayer” in the group watching the game.  Since it was just the two of us, that was him.  But I knew.  I knew they were winners.  I said it half-way through the season “Green Bay is going to the Super Bowl this year” and no one believed me.  I just had that feeling though.  And last night Green Bay was smart to defer possession and choose to receive when we they won the coin toss.  It wasn’t long before Steelers had to turnover the ball.  Then the offensive side of Green Bay was up….and they seemed to have a few jitters!  They shook them loose though, and made things happen!  As soon as the first Green Bay Packer stepped into the end-zone, a few minutes in, I knew that was going to be the result of the game.

Yes there were many points where the game really could of gone either way.  I saw one simple headline though, which really said it all:  The Steelers did not lose the game, Aaron Rodgers and the Pack won the game.  They fought for it.  They had the drive.  Aaron Rodgers is fresh, and had the drive to get his first Super Bowl ring.  He has also already surpassed the greatness that Favre did have in his time there (where that greatness went is a whole other story I won’t get into) and Aaron has only been starting for Green Bay for 3 years.  He now is a Super Bowl MVP which is alot more than that other guy can say!  I think I needed this in a personal way.  There’s always a great joy in watching your team win.  I really understand how fans can stick to their guns and watch a team win and lose and go through everything just to get here.

I don’t talk about football much on my blog, but I just needed to share my pride and enjoyment of last nights game.  One more thing I need to share is what I consider the best picture of the night.  I’m sure there’s thousands of pictures I haven’t seen, but I just love the symbolism of this picture.  It really says it all- and it was taken before the game even started.

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